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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Bros Who Like to Kick it At Home on the Weekend

Everyone knows that Bro who likes to hole up his cave for winter and leave in only the most dire of circumstances. He’s the king

15 Things Every Bro Who Loves Video Games Needs

Universal truth about shopping for Bros who love video games: It's next to impossible to know what they need unless you ask them. This year, however,

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The holidays are coming up, and we've scoured the Internet for some cool stuff to look out for this season. Consider this the first stop

The 2011 BroBible Holiday Gift Guide: What to Get the Hottie in Your Life

Men. It’s that time of year. Ugly sweater parties, girls in Santa hats carrying mistletoe, and, unfortunately, crowded stores. But fear not, because you’ve

BroBible’s Whet Your Whistle Holiday Spirit Guide

Tanqueray GinTis' the season to get saucy. Just like how cold-hard cash

Top 10 Gifts You Can’t Ask Your Parents to Get You for Christmas

There are some things at the top of a Bro’s Christmas list he just can’t ask his parents for. Call it a generational gap or

BroBible’s Holiday Wish List: The 25 Books Every Guy Should Ask For

BroBible’s Holiday Wish List: The Sports Gear and Apparel Every Bro Needs

BroBible Gift Guide‪Editor's Note: This is the third story in our

BroBible’s Holiday Wish List: The Electronics and Gadgets Every Bro Needs

BroBible Gift Guide

‬Editor's Note: This is the second story

10 Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Get You Laid… Plus a Few That Definitely Won’t

BroBible Holiday Gift GuideEditor’s Note: Not counting yesterday’s egg muffin