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Australian Hockey Player Celebrates Game-Winning Goal by Sliding on His Head

Then again, that's like staying on your feet in the Southern Hemisphere.

This Swedish Hockey Goal Is UNREAL

It's August and we're posting hockey goals.

Hockey Player Takes Ice Bucket Challenge on Top of Mountain, Using Glacier Water, With Help From a Helicopter

Show off.

Dallas Stars’ Tyler Seguin Allowed Someone to Hit a Tee Shot Off on His Crotch

No. Nope. Never. Not on my crotch, babaaaaaaay.

I Must Have These $12,500 Team USA Hockey Masks Made from Gold and Crystals

I don't know why the hell anyone would ever want a $12,000 hockey mask made from real gold leaf and Swarovski crystals.

Britney Spears Tweeted a Major Hockey FAIL Yesterday

Uhhhh... Britney? Hate to break the news to you, but...

NHL Prospect Sonny Milano Shows Off Amazing Puck Juggling Tricks (Video)

Sonny Milano's skills with the puck are NASTY.

Here’s Video of the Hit on Alex Ovechkin That Has Caps Fans Freaking Out Right Now

Ovechkin could not leave the ice under his own power.

Just Alex Ovechkin Shooting a Massive, WWII-Era Machine Gun

Because Ovi does what Ovi wants.

Today in Russia: Vladimir Putin Dominates a Hockey Game

Obama could never do this.

Hot Minnesota Wild Fan Makes Out with Another Girl In the Stands During a Playoff Game

Right out of a late-night softcore movie on Cinemax.... Alyssa Nelson, get at us...

Finnish Hockey Team Attempts Line Change, It Doesn’t Go So Well


Always Classy Philadelphia Flyers Fans Gang up on Rangers Fans in the Stands

Oh Philadelphia sports fans. Why must your behavior bring so much shame to the rest of us who would never throw a punch in a

Playoff Hockey Fights Are Rare, So Relish This Brutal One

The Sharks' Logan Couture went after the Kings' Mike Richards last night.

Someone Redesigned the NHL Logos As ‘Game Of Thrones’ Shields

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing, so Washington D.C.-based designer and Capitals fan, Rachel L. Cohen, recently decided […]

Damn, This Is One Shitty Goal Ryan Miller Just Let In (GIF)

Welp, looks like it wasn't the best trade ever.

A Bro Dressed Up as Jesus for the Bruins Easter Sunday Game

Mama taught me that it's not polite to talk about religion or politics with strangers...

Joel Quenneville Grabs His Junk While Arguing a Call

Aww, nuts!

Playoff Hockey Hype Video Will Hype You Up for Playoff Hockey

Chicken skin.

Map Shows What Team Your State Is Rooting For in the NHL Playoffs

Get those playoff beards in fine shape, Bros. It's time for HOCKEY.

VIDEO: The Best Goals, Saves and Hits of the 2013-2014 NHL Season

There were some sick saves this year.

You’ll Get Some Feelings Watching Teemu Selanne After His Last Ever Regular Season Game

After 22 NHL seasons, one of the best players ever is hanging up his skates.

The Hockey Knockout of the Year Came in the Last Game of the Season

It looks like David vs. Goliath.

Geoff Platt’s Juggling Goal Was Poetry on Ice


You Should Probably Eat Acid Before Watching This Hockey Team’s Pre-Game Show

The Halifax Mooseheads might have the most face-melting pre-game show in hockey.

Holy Crap! A Benches-Clearing Brawl Broke Out at the Annual FDNY-NYPD Hockey Game

You'd think the police would have the advantage here.

Minor League Hockey Player Suffers Major League Facial Injury After Getting Hit by a Puck

Looking good.

Hockey Fight Beautifully Ends in Combatants Hugging and Drinking Beer

Your yearly report from the Federal Hockey League.

Drunk Hockey Referee Steals Show at Amateur Hockey Game

Best ref ever.

Matt Stajan Dedicates Penalty Shot Goal to Fallen Newborn Son


The San Jose Sharks Gave a Make-a-Wish Kid a One-Day Contract, and the Video Will Hit You Square in the Feels

Sam Tageson got to live out his dream with the San Jose Sharks this week.

Drunk Fan Runs Onto the Ice During the Leafs-Lightning Game. Guess What Happens Next?

Late in the third period, one man decided it was time to take the ice. Here's what happened next...

What the EFF Did Alex Ovechkin Post to Instagram Today?

Dub Tee Eff, Russia

VIDEO: This Incredible Hockey Save Was Not Made By a Hockey Goalie

This, Vancouver, is what happens when you trade away ALL your goalies.

You’ll Never Believe How This Hockey Fight Ends

This gem-of-a-hockey fight is from the Quebec-based LNAH, a semi-pro hockey league. Our two brawlers are Joel Theriault and Gaby Roch.

Toronto Maple Leaf Delivers Devastating Hit on Toronto Maple Leaf

Friendly fire.

World’s Best Hockey Announcer Ranks the Best Hair on the 2014 Minnesota All-Hockey Team

Here at BroBible, we're passionate connoisseurs of flow of all shapes and sizes: Lax bro flow, hockey hair, face salad. It's one of the distinct

Wisconsin Prep Hockey Game Featured Devastating Hit

Blow'd up.

ECHL Goalie Cody Reichard Keeps Making Incredible Diving Saves

You shall not pass!

Hockey Announcer Serves Up Unique Diarrhea Reference