Minor League Hockey Team Wore Dr. Seuss-Themed Sweaters And I’ve Never Seen Anything Better


The Rapid City Rush of the ECHL wore novelty sweaters and they were swell.

habs fan blows chunks

Let’s Watch This Habs Fan Puke All Over Himself


Last Wednesday, the Montreal Candiens took on the Ottawa Senators at the Bell Center.

niklas hjalmarsson

I Can’t Stop Watching Niklas Hjalmarsson Take A Zdeno Chara Laser To The Gut


As a defenseman, Niklas Hjalmarsson's job is to get in the way of fast-moving pucks.


Dallas Stars Players’ Epic Valentine’s Day Prank On Mothers To Do The Unthinkable


Winter is full of landmines for guys that have been dating the same girl for a long time.

hockey prodigy

This One Year-Old Boy Already Has The Slapshot Skills Of Alex Ovechkin


If this one year-old boy isn't playing in the NHL by the age of 16 then the people who do hockey scouting aren't doing their jobs very well.

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