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This Russian Hockey Player Chick Broke Her Stick Over The Head Of An American Hockey Player Chick

Shots fired. Cold War Part 2 about to pop off.

Playoff Hockey Fights Are Rare, So Relish This Brutal One

The Sharks' Logan Couture went after the Kings' Mike Richards last night.

GIF: Brendan Smith Tries to Fight Zdeno Chara, Is Too Short to Hit Him

Chara easily keeps him at bay with the jab.

The Hockey Knockout of the Year Came in the Last Game of the Season

It looks like David vs. Goliath.

Out for Blood: Hockey Fight Turns into Hockey Bite


Hockey Skate-Ruining Concrete Wasn’t Enough to Prevent These Two AHL Players from Brawling after Being Ejected

Hockey players are nuts.

You’ll Never Believe How This Hockey Fight Ends

This gem-of-a-hockey fight is from the Quebec-based LNAH, a semi-pro hockey league. Our two brawlers are Joel Theriault and Gaby Roch.

The Capitals and Flyers Had a Brawl Last Night Which Featured About 1,000 Cheapshots By Philly

Just some dirty, dirty play by the Broad Street Bullies.

Watch the End of a College Hockey Game Devolve Into a Complete and Utter BRAWL

RPI and Union are heated college rivals (both are located just outside of Albany in upstate New York). 

This Youth League Marty McSorley-Style Hockey Assault Is the Most Vicious We’ve Seen

JESUS. This is straight-up attempted murder. 

Swedish Hockey Ref Ends a Fight Like a Boss

Dude is my new hero for stopping a hockey fight like this. What a boss... 

Watch the USA and Canada Women’s Hockey Teams Fight

When the inevitable war between the United States and Canada finally happens, I truly hope the first shots are fired because of a hockey dispute. 

Can We Talk About How Good This Joel Rechlicz vs Milan Lucic Hockey Fight Was?

It's too early into football season for me to really care about hockey right now, but shout out to Milan Lucic and Joel Rechlicz for putting on

Goalies and All, the Buffalo Sabres and Toronto Maple Leafs Brawled Last Night

Well, shit. Don't tell these guys it's the preseason.

The Most Insane Russian Youth Hockey Brawl Ever?

The best part about this video is the badass Russian gangsta rap soundtrack. It sounds like a song that'd be used in a movie about

Islanders Matt Martin Knocked Out the Devils Tom Kostopoulos With a Hellacious Punch

Tom Kostopoulous' glass jaw took all it could handle and then some last night from the rock Matt Martin calls a fist. I mean, Tommy

Just a Bunch of Super-Awesome Hockey Parents Fighting in the Stands

Likely an elaborate means of trying to toughen up their kids, and getting them to show more aggression and drive while out there on the

Chicago Wolves, Rockford IceHogs Have Awesome Bench Brawl

That escalated quickly.

Toronto’s Frazer McLaren Knocks Out Ottawa’s David Dziurzynsky in Brutal Hockey Fight

There is nothing like a good hockey fight. Knowing this, the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs decided to start last night’s game off with

We Implore You to Find a More Pathetic Hockey Fight Than This

This was awful, just awful. These two should have got put on waivers, or cut, or fined for how they insulted the sport of hockey

Flyers’ Zac Rinaldo Completely Knocks Out B.J. Crombeen

Last night, Zac Rinaldo of the Philadelphia Flyers and B.J. Crombeen had an argument about what really happened on “Lost.” It escalated into a fight

Watch a Wild Hockey Brawl That Featured 13 Ejections

If you don’t appreciate a good hockey brawl, you don’t deserve to call yourself a North American.

Here’s One of the More Massive Hockey Fights You’ll Ever See

Displaced anger over the NHL lockout? Not the cause here, but we can pretend it was. 

Here’s a Delightful Junior League Hockey Brawl to Enjoy

I could tell you the names of the teams or give you more context, but all you really need to know is that Miley Cyrus’

Here’s a Particularly Lovely Hockey Goalie Fight to Jump-Start Your Work Week

There are few things that can bring our nation together like goalie fights in hockey. Hell, it’s what this country needs in the wake of

This Youth Hockey Fight Featured One Very Worried Mother

A couple of “elite” youth hockey teams in Boston got into an on-ice skirmish during a recent game. That’s not news. One of the players’

Flyers-Penguins Game 3 Featured Fights, Fights, More Fights, and a Special Message from Hulk Hogan

What a wild afternoon of hockey on South Broad Street. In case you missed it:

Nashville’s Shea Weber Tried to Crush Henrik Zetterberg’s Skull

Nashville’s Shea Weber celebrated his team’s 3-2 victory over Detroit by grabbing Henrik Zetterberg’s head and slamming it into the glass. He was

Watch the Leaf’s Dion Phaneuf Fight Scott Hartnell After He Scores a Goal

Yes, this hockey fight is far from "great." However, it is sorta amusing since it starts right after Scott Hartnell scores for the

Hockey Announcer Screams ‘It’s Hysteria! Cats and Dogs Living Together!’ During Epic Goalie Fight

ECHL's Bakersfield Condors took on the Ontario Reign on Saturday night. Late in the third period, Bakersfield's Ian McKenzie laid a clean hit

Here’s an Entertaining Junior Hockey League Fight Between the Springfield Jr Blues vs Chicago Hitmen

Someone recently posted this line brawl between North American Hockey League's Springfield Jr Blues and the Chicago Hitmen on our Facebook wall. No

Watch a Bunch of Khazakhstani Nine-Year Olds Fight Each Other After a Hockey Game

This is just something you don't see every day. After a Junior Hockey League game in Kazakhstan, two teams dropped mitts during the

Just When You Think This Canadian Minor League Hockey Fight Is Going to Suck, It Gets Good

Just another Friday night match-up in Canada's North East Senior Hockey League, eh? Not really. This past Friday things got downright gross in

The Craziest Turkish Hockey Brawl You’ll Watch All Week

Yes, this bench-clearing brawl from a Turkish Men's Super League game will probably be the only Turkish hockey fight you'll see this week.

This Drawn-Out Hockey Fight from Russia Includes Goalies Throwing Down

Russian hockey is just the way Putin likes it: Violent. 

Let’s Watch a Fan Fight In the Stands at the Canadiens/Bruins In Montreal on Monday Night

It's just assumed things are going to get violent in the stands when the Habs play the Bruins. So, naturally, a few fans

Let’s Watch Brian McGrattan and Jay Rosehill Clobber Each Other In the Face

Even more action from last night's Predators vs. Maple Leaf's game. Brian McGrattan and Jay Rosehill came to blows in the third. And

Here’s Cal Clutterbuck Punching a Linesman in the Face During a Fight With Maxim LaPierre

Cal Clutterbuck and Maxim LaPierre dropped mitts during the 3rd period of Thursday night's Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota Wild game. The linesman who

Jon Mirasty’s Smirk Mid-Fight With Maxim Yeprev Is Classic

Jon 'Nasty' Mirasty has a rather interesting resume when it comes to hockey outside the NHL. First of all, he's Canadian.  Secondly, he's

Watch Arron Asham Destroy Jay Beagle With a Brutal KO

Pittsburgh Penguins. Washington Capitals. Rivalry atmospshere. What better night for a hockey fight? Arron Asham and Jay Beagle dropped mitts and rumbled in