women's hockey fight

Butthurt Russians are beating innocent Americans with hockey sticks


It appears that the Russians are still pretty butthurt over losing the Cold War, as their hockey playing women have resorted to beating our innocent Americans over the heads with hockey sticks.

ref player fight

Meanwhile in Russia, ref fights player


Russia continues to be the most interesting place in the world.


Today’s Flyers-Penguins Brawl Featured a Hulk Hogan Impersonator


The final minute of today’s Pittsburgh Penguins-Philadelphia Flyers game saw a giant free-for-all erupt.

New York Rangers

Rangers, Devils Throw Blows in Full-Line Brawl to Start Game


It hardly took three seconds for the animosity between the Rangers and Devils to boil over tonight.


Goaltender Fight Highlights Massive Minor League Hockey Brawl


A massive brawl erupted during the Sioux City-Sioux Falls hockey game Saturday night, much to the delight of the blood-thirsty announcing crew covering the action.


Adam Polasek TKOs Colten Teubert in 2011 Young Stars Tournament


Canucks prospect Adam Polasek has got to feel good about himself after this performance.

hockey fights

Watch a Rather Awesome Hockey Fight at a Ukrainian Exhibition Game


Just because it's mid-August doesn't mean hockey players are dropping mitts somewhere in the world.

hockey video

VIDEO: Hockey Player in Quebec League Uses His Stick as an Axe


Axing someone with a hockey stick -- as if the person's head were a block of wood -- is a dick move, no doubt about that.

texas hockey

VIDEO: Texas State High School Hockey Championship Ends with Massive Brawl


On Sunday Dallas' Arlington Martin and Keller high schools faced off in the first ever Texas High School State Championship.

junior hockey

Junior Hockey League Coaches Fight Each Other After Illegal Hit


Here's something you don't see everyday: Chaos recently broke out at last weekend's Manitoba Junior Hockey League game between the Swan Valley Stampeders and Portage Terriers.


Video: The Best Left-Right Combo You’ll Ever See in a Hockey Fight


When you think of classic hockey fights, its usually two guys duking it out, throwing tons of haymakers at each other until one goes down or the two fighters get tired.


The Second Goalie Fight in a Week: Carey Price vs. Tim Thomas Edition


Things got wild in the second period of Wednesday night's Bruins - Habs game.

russian hockey fight

VIDEO: Six Seconds into First Period, KHL Hockey Game Erupts into Chaotic Brawl


I played a U19 Russian team once, and all I can say is that they are ruthless: it's like playing a team of Sean Avery's, who all may have appeared as shadowy enemies in at least one Bond movie.


VIDEO: Here’s the Craziest Bench-Clearing British Hockey Brawl We’ve Ever Witnessed


British hockey has a reputation for being extremely, extremely boring.

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