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Welp, the Insane One Direction Fan That Killed Her Dog Is a Hoax

You got us, Internet trolls. You win. Is it the f*cking weekend yet? Important update to this story about a girl who allegedly broke her "beloved"

Manti Te’o Dated a Real Girl After Fake Girlfriend’s Death, Says TMZ

This one’s real, and looks pretty spectacular.

Teammate on Manti Te’o: ‘He Lied, But the Media Blew It Up’

Yup, it’s always the media’s fault. Always.

Here’s an Article Talking About Manti Te’o and Lennay Kekua Meeting in Person

As this Manti Te’o train wreck hurdles onward, everyone is parsing out information that is at odds with other information. The whole thing is a

Manti Te’o, Notre Dame Release Statements On Craziest Story Ever

In the wake of the explosive Deadspin report about his not-so-real dead girlfriend, Heisman Trophy runner-up Manti Te’o has issued a statement.

There’s a Photo of a Shark Swimming Around Brigantine New Jersey, Real or Hoax?

The photo above is a hoax, we know that. But CNN has a photo showing a shark swimming in the streets of a flooded New

Bigfoot Spotted in Ohio Woods by Guy on an ATV Wearing a GoPro

Why don't Bigfoots ever attack people that spot or video tape them? Obviously he heard this ATV approaching him. Unless Bigfoots are deaf? Oh sh*t,

This Woolly Mammoth Sure Looks Like A Bear

This is so clearly a bear with a fish in its mouth. The year-old clip popped up on the website of The Sun,