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Marian Hossa Destroyed Dustin Brown With This Hit


Toronto Maple Leaf Delivers Devastating Hit on Toronto Maple Leaf

Friendly fire.

Wisconsin Prep Hockey Game Featured Devastating Hit

Blow'd up.

Bro Gets Absolutely Wrecked on Sideline, Shakes It Off Like a Fuckin’ Bro (GIF)

This is about as hard a hit you could accidentally take.

Shia LeBeouf Has Hit Men Says Shia LeBeouf

It appears that if you cross Shia LeBeouf, he can have you killed. 

Jacksonville Jaguars Security Guard Destroyed by Justin Blackmon

This poor security dude at the Jacksonville Jaguars game is having a rough day. First off, he has to be in the general vicinity of

This Rugby Hit is the Most Violent Thing You’ll Ever See

Oh my sweet Lord in Heaven! This incredible hit, from a high school rugby match in New Zealand, is one of the more impressive sporting

Counting Crows Frontman Adam Duritz Reveals the True Identity of ‘Mr. Jones’

Fun fact about MY LIFE: the Counting Crows were the first band I ever saw in concert. Well, to be fair,

FREAKING HUGE Pee Wee Football Player Plows Over a Defender with a Truck Stick For the Ages

Just watching this epic truck stick makes my head hurt. On a rushing play, the gigantic pee wee fullback on the brown team lowers his

Lingerie Football League Practices Filled with Slobberknockers

Last month, we learned that the Lingerie Football League was suspending operations. Did that depressing news spawn a world-class bender? You betcha. But