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Hitler Cat Is the Cat That Really, Really, Really Looks Like Hitler

The similarities are un-catty

The New Face of Public Transportation in D.C. is Adolf Hitler

nbd, probs.

Watch The Trailer For ‘King Fury,’ Which Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

I was told this was excellent and went into this video with a healthy dose of skepticism. 

Girl Says, ‘Hitler Should’ve Killed All the Jews’ During Altercation, Her Car Window Suffers For It

Well, we now know at least one of the people who bought a JCPenny Hitler tea kettle. Seems thrilled to own it, too. Just wearing

Father Who Named His Son Adolf Hitler Wears Full Nazi Uniform to Custody Hearing

This dude introduced his balls to the wall years ago and they've been best pals ever since. I mean, if you're going to gift your

Billboard Features Teapot That Looks Just Like Hitler

Well, it’s safe to say JCPenny didn’t exactly notice this product looked like one of the worst human beings in history. That doesn’t make it

Indian Guy Astounded His Clothing Store Called ‘Hitler’ Isn’t Taking Off

Hey, it seemed like a can’t-miss idea.

Carlos Pena is the Next Hitler, According to Terrible Typo

Closed captioning fail.