hit and run

This Video Will Cause Spontaneous Fist Pumps From Anyone That’s Been On The Losing End Of A Hit And Run


South Florida, Miami in particular, is world renowned for having some of the worst drivers on the road.

Hit and run

Watch this woman plow into two men in a gas station parking lot


A woman plowed into two men at a gas station in Houston.


92-Year-Old Woman Accused of Hit-and-Run Claims She Left Scene Because She Had… Diarrhea


An elderly women accused of leaving the scene of a hit-and-run is blaming her actions on a problem we are all used to: Really needing to take a shit.


Taxi driver desperately attempts to flee accident scene, fails


A Chinese taxi driver is presumably somewhat responsible for an accident.


World’s most unlucky man dragged for two miles after hit-and-run


Elton Kim of Georgia was hit by a woman in a parking lot after she dinged another car.

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