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This Is the Most Badass World War II Story You’ve Never Heard

Unless you're a massive WWII history buff, there's a good chance you've never heard of Operation Mincemeat.

A Lot of Crazy Shit in History Has Happened Between April 14 and April 21

For those of you who aren’t history nerds, the week of April 14 through April 21 hosts some of the most tragically iconic moments in

5 Famous Pieces of Presidential Trivia That Are Total Bullshit

"We cling to certain well-known tales that help us easily label and categorize our presidents. We all know that Teddy Roosevelt was a cowboy badass, George Washington

King Tut Was Embalmed With a Boner

The teenage Egyptian king Tutankhamun (a.k.a. "Tut") was buried to fool people into thinking he was the god of the underworld, Osiris, according to Egyptologists from the American

6 True Stories from History Creepier Than Any Horror Film

DID YOU KNOW: In the Renaissance, thousands of syphilitic "zombies" wandered the streets of Italy with flesh rotting from their face?  Why wasn't this in Assassin's Creed II?

Take 17 Minutes to Watch Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ Speech

50 years ago today, Martin Luther King gave what is generally called the greatest speech of the 20th century. Symbolically standing in front of the

Rate My Name: Learned Hand

Shakespeare was full of it. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but if the flower’s name was Buttpetal, it probably wouldn’t

5 Unreal Father-Son Relationships in Mafia History

There’s a reason why a word for a Mafia boss is “Godfather.” The Mob has always been filled with interesting father-son

The 5 Most Bro Gangsters of All Time

Gangsters: They’re suave, they’re ruthless, they know how to dress, make money, and f*ck up anyone who gets in their way.

10 Badass Prints of American Historical Figures, as Depicted By Artist Jason Heuser

American history is already pretty awesome, but if only it could be this awesome. "Badass" is the only superlative you need to describe Jason “SharpWriter” Heuser's