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The Latest Trend for Stupid Fucking Hipsters Is Putting Flowers In Your Beard

Hipsters. Stupid fucking hipsters. They're always ruining the good things in life by making idiotic things "trends" so that their fellow hipsters can snap Instagram

A Guide to Interacting with Hipsters

If you're going to a party where you know there are going to be a lot of jorts-wearing hipsters sipping PBR, make sure you roll

This Video Is the Most Millennial, Hipster Bullshit You Will Ever See

And that's saying a lot.

Bros Have an Awesome Hipster-Free Cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘West Coast’

You know what sucks? Hipsters.

VIDEO: Hipster Girl Unintentionally, But Perfectly, Breaks Up Fight

Hipsters abhor violence in any fashion.

Is Rob Gronkowski a Hipster Now?

Gronk do Gronk things, like wear ironic hipster rave glasses in Miami.

These Are the Most Hipster Bands, According to Pitchfork Rankings and Facebook Shares

I am not a hipster. I don't say that with or without pride, it's just a matter of fact.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery Up For Sale; Locally-Sourced, Artisanal Panic to Ensue

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Hostess is looking to divest his company of their ownership stake in the brewery hipsters made famous: Pabst.

The Hot New Hobby Among Hipsters Is Shuffleboard

Hipster isn’t as powerful an adjective these days.

Hipster Remake of ‘American Psycho’ is Fantastic Even If You Don’t Understand It

Watch this hipster remake of American Psycho. It’s funny but it’s fine if you don’t understand all of the references.

Of Course Hipsters Are Making a Documentary About Sriracha; Here’s the Trailer

Do you love the Sriracha-style hot sauce produced by Huy Fung Foods? 

The 13 Most Hipster Things That Have Ever Happened

If you ever get so into No Shave November that you're putting PBR cans in your beard, I think you deserve to get punched in

Hipsters are Hotties, Too: 51 Sexy Photos of Girls in Glasses

Smarts can be sexy. Very, very sexy. 

Instagramming Your Food Makes It Taste Worse

"Amazing french onion soup and frisée aux lardons at Balthazar for lunch:"

It’s Friday, So Here’s an Epic Hipster Concert #Fail Vine

Last night a co-worker and I headed over to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a solid evening of free beer and live music at the House of

10 Burning Questions I Have About Hipster Sex

Hipsters procreate. At least, they have to. They’re human, so they must be controlled by the same carnal urges we all

Dan Soder’s ‘Hipster Spotting’ Rant Is Pretty Much the Best

When Dan Soder isn't off doing impressions of Russians in bad neighborhoods, he's busy discussing the pros and cons of America's hipsterization movement. If you

Why It’s Time to Stop Calling Everything a ‘Hipster’

Hipster hate is sooooooo 2010. Do we even know what "being a hipster dofus" even means anymore? It's the vaguest bigotry possible. Look, just watch

8 Cutting-Edge Fashions That Are Clearly Just Practical Jokes

Do you ever look at a person, see what they're wearing, and conclude they must be joking? Maybe they are.

The 8 Types of Hipsters That Have Invaded Your College Campus

Certain campuses are bigger hotspots than others, but given the hipster love affair with the concept of osmosis (populate places not currently populated), it's a

25 Things We Hate About Living in New York City

This here is the hater’s guide to New York City. What's that you say? You love living in the Big Apple? So do we. We

‘Hipster Thanksgiving’ Is Just as Miserable As You Imagined

Pure brilliance from the Harvard Sailing Team, who reunited for Thanksgiving just to make fun of obnoxious, holyier-than-thou hipsters. 

Coffee Shop of the Year Tells Hipsters to ‘Not Talk About Annoying Hipster Topics’ on Premises

Four Barrel Coffee shop in San Francisco might be hipster friendly but they're slowly becoming hipster intolerant. After complaints from neighbors (all of which rightfully

‘Dad Pissed Off At Son For Wearing Skinny Jeans’

Title says it all. 

LeBron James Finally Notices that NBA Players are Wearing Weird Clothes

Following the Heat's Game 4 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, LeBron James astutely observed that Dwayne Wade was wearing ridiculous-looking glasses. 

‘Bros vs. Hipsters’: You Have to Pick a Side

Something in life you have to pick a side: Yankees or Mets? Lakers or Celtics? Ohio State or Michigan? Bro or hipster? Our

Watch a Drunk Hipster Rant on a Chicago L Platform

This six-plus minute rant from a drunk hipster on a Chicago L platform may be the most entertaining thing you'll watch this afternoon.

This Gentlemen’s Rant On Hipsters Is Pretty Accurate

The guys at The Gentlemen's Rant continue to impress the hell out us with their latest tirade. This time, it's f-ing hipsters. Our

Check Out These Two Dancing Dueling Hipsters At an STS9 Concert…

These guys are clearly rolling balls, but this fan footage from a Sound Tribe Sector 9 set at San Fransisco's "Outside Lands" is

The Evolution of Hipsters (As Told By Two Puppets)

An insightful, educational, and thought provoking look into what exactly went wrong in the world to produce a society of hipsters. 

Hipsters Are Now Ruining Fly Fishing With a Really Idiotic Fashion Trend

We all know how good hipsters are at ruining things. Your favorite cheap beer. Your favorite band. Your favorite dive bar. Trends started by Bros

Nuclear Meltdown Possible in Japan; Usher and Ex Have Sex Tape; Hipster Bear Trap in NYC

Here are this morning's top news headlines: Japan: The situation at the nuclear power plants is getting increasingly worse: after a second explosion at the reactors,

Signs of the Apocalypse: Hipster Strip Club Opening in New York City

The other day Lil Wayne set a world record for the most Facebook likes in a 24-hour period. I'm hell-bent on setting a BroBible record

Video: Dudes-n-Bros Talking Points Helps Hipsters Act Normal

In case you didn't know, being a fan of sports, booze, tits, and the occasional high five makes you a fatuous douchebag. If you didn't

VIDEO: Charles Bronson Hates Hipsters, Too

Besides militant feminists, is there anything that makes your blood boil more than hipsters? You're not alone. Apparently silver-screen legend Charles Bronson hates hipsters, too.

The 15 Worst Types of People in America

"It takes all kinds to make the world go around," I said to another BroBibler the other day as we passed a gentlemen in Times