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Mac Miller Just Dropped a Sick Banger Called ‘Melt’ with ScHoolBoy Q and a Pete Rock Beat

I have to be honest: I haven't been on the Mac Miller train for a while, mostly because a lot of his recent releases have

Macklemore Dressed Up as a Jewish Caricature and Seth Rogen Ripped Him Apart on Twitter For It

Macklemore raided Mel Gibson's closet on Friday.

Cam’ron and A-Trak Release Dipsh*ts in a Blaze of Glory

What's that? Cam'ron and Dipset are about to take over the summer? Okay.

This Tyga and Game Song Is the Hardest Hitting Diss Record in Quite Some Time

I've listened to this three times and it's taking everything in my power to not go into the street and set cardboard boxes on fire.

Amazingly Cool Chart Shows Which Rappers Boast the Largest Vocabularies

An expansive vocabulary isn't the only way to test how great a rapper is, but it does make for some pretty interesting insights

Why Young Dro’s New Mixtape Is a Brutal Beauty, Plus 4 Others to Download This Month

This edition of the greatest and best mixtapes of the past few weeks or so is evidently brought to you by a whole lot of

This ‘Environmentally-Conscious’ Rapper Is Being Called the Worst Ever

Dave in Charge is the British grandson of a Lord who really cares about the environment, you guys.

Childish Gambino Releases Visually Fascinating Video for ‘Sweatpants,’ Immediately Disowns It on Twitter

"Sweatpants" is a harder-hitting cut off Childish Gambino's album because the internet...

Kanye West and Future’s New Song is All About the Glory of Kim Kardashian’s Backside

Some sample lyrics from Kanye West's vague and metaphoric verse on Future's new jam "I Won":

So When’s That New Jay Z Album Dropping? (Soon)

Streets is watching.

Kevin Gates, 100s and the 5 Mixtapes You Need to Listen to This Week

Drew Millard of Noisey is back to spit some fucking truth on what bros should be listening to this week.

Drake Drops ANOTHER New Jam on An Unsuspecting World, ‘Days In The East’

Drake went off with "Draft Day;" now he cools things down a bit with "Days in the East."

Here Are the Most Profane Rappers in History

Like many of you, I learned a lot about the English language and male/female anatomy from hip-hop records.

Watch Snoop Dogg Bring Out Wiz Khalifa for a Blistering Set at SXSW

So full disclosure: about 35% of our excitement for this video stems from it taking place at Woven House.

Macklemore Just Posted the Most Insane Instagram Video of the Year

Today, Macklemore posted a video to Instagram espousing the virtues of men peeing correctly.

Just One Trill Bro Singing ‘Sanctified’ in a Car By Himself

Be honest. You've done this too.

You’ll Never Believe What Was Named Billboard’s Hottest Rap Song Ever

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of its Hot Rap Songs chart, Billboard recently compiled a list of its top-100 chart-performing hip-hop songs.

Message Board from 2003 Predicts the Future of Hip-Hop with Scary Accuracy

10 years ago, a few rap fans tried to figure out the future of hip-hop on an early message board.

Listen to the Entire ‘Game of Thrones’ Mixtape ‘Catch the Throne’

Yesterday we were treated to Big Boi paying homage to Khaleesi with the song “Mother of Dragons.” In other sentences I […]

Big Boi’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Themed Song Makes Me Want to Punch a Dragon

"Fuck the Lannisters and everyone ride with them/Jon Snow and the Night's Watch finna slide some iron in 'em."

Listen to Rick Ross’s New Album ‘Mastermind’

The Devil is a Lie, and Rick Ross is the Mastermind.

Listen to ScHoolboy Q’s Terrific New Album ‘Oxymoron’

It’s not exactly 9/11/07—Jay-Z still needs to weigh in with a bombastic quote—but February 25 was a surprisingly good day […]

Drake Says That Macklemore’s Apology Text to Kendrick Lamar Was ‘Wack as Fuck’

Ooo, RAP FIGHT RAP FIGHT. After the Roger-influenced Macklemore won a Grammy for Best Rap Album a few weeks ago, […]

Young Thug and Bloody Jay’s ‘Black Portland,’ Plus 5 Mixtapes to Download Right Now

Young Thug and Bloody Jay – Black Portland Do you like rap music? Of course you do, you clicked a […]

Childish Gambino Covers the R&B Classic ‘I’d Die Without You’

Childish recently visited the BBC 1Xtra Live Lounge to record a cover of P.M. Dawn’s early-90s jam “I’d Die Without You,” […]

I Must Have These Dipset Valentine’s Day Cards

Hey ma. Valentine’s Day is next week, and I know just the thing you want: Seductive words from Jim Jones, Juelz […]

Action Bronson Body-Slammed Portland Security After Lighting a Joint on Stage

Action Bronson has a wonderful history of beating the shit out of anyone who wanders onto his stage. There was […]

DJ TJ Mizell Made a Super Bowl Mix to Get You HYPED for the Game

Friend of the site TJ Mizell shot over a Super Bowl weekend mix which begins with the calming words of CBS commentator Jim Nantz but soon escalates,

Pour Out the Ciroc: Diddy Is Closing Bad Boy Records

Bad Boy Records is dead. Word on the Internet is that Diddy will soon be shutting the doors after firing most of the label's staff. Others

Cam’ron and A-Trak Drop New Collaboration ‘Humphrey’

Cam'ron fans get excited: The legendary rapper is collaborating with A-Trak and a slew of other top producers on an EP with the more alternative-rap skewing

Danny Brown Killed ‘25 Bucks’ on ‘Kimmel’ Last Night

For his late-night television debut last night, Danny Brown brought out Megan James to play "25 Bucks" on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Brown's mainstream success has been

Watch a Vice Documentary About Chief Keef and the Chicago Rap Scene

Vice's documentaries hinge on traveling to foreign lands where no one else will go: North Korea, Liberia, Libya. You kind of get the same feeling

Why Drake Hosting ‘SNL’ Is Bad for His Rap Career

Drake hosted Saturday Night Live this week. He showed off an impressive Katt Williams imitation, saved a couple skits, participated gamely in wizard cosplay. He

Watch the Music Video for Childish Gambino’s ‘The Worst Guys’

Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper hang out at the beach and rhyme their because the internet track "The Worst Guys" in a video directed

DJ Plays a Set On Subway Train in Front of Bemused New Yorkers

Typically, the subway performer is someone you treat with apprehension if not outright disdain. If it's TJ Mizell, though—the son of the late, great Jam

The Most Important Rapper For Every Major City

Hot take from Buzzfeed by trying to rank the most important rappers in each major US city. When it comes to Brooklyn, you'll never believe

Tupac Is Coming to Broadway

According to the theater website Playbill, a musical inspired by the lyrics of Tupac Shakur will hit Broadway this June 19th. Called Holler if Ya Hear Me,

Tupac Almost Appeared in ‘Star Wars’

You might have some difficulties wrapping your heads around this: The Jedi masters of The Phantom Menace almost included Liam Neeson, Ewen McGregor, a computerized Yoda and...

Jay Z Brought Up a 12-Year-Old to Rap with Him on Stage, and the Kid Killed It

On the Sunday stop of Jay Z's "Magna Carter World Tour" in Greensboro, N.C., a 12-year-old named Justin held up a sign that said, "Can I

Wu-Tang’s Comin’ At Ya: Clan to Release New Album Soonish

Awwww yeah, from the slums of Shaolin, the Wu-Tang Clan strikes again: The RZA, the GZA, Method Man, Raekwon and the rest of the crew announced today