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Artist Places Rap Quotes On Street Signs All Around The ATL


Over the last few years, artist Jay Shells has done a tremendous job hanging out street signs in cities with relevant lyrics from rap songs.

rap battle

P.E. Teacher Spits Old School Fire And Destroys Student In Freestyle Rap Battle

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Now this is not the best rap battle you will see this week and it probably set hip hop back 20 years, but this student gets absolutely served when he steps to his gym teacher.


Rapper Plies Gets Thrown Off Stage When Fan Body Slams Him During Concert


On Friday night, rapper Plies was in Tallahassee, Florida for a stop in his “Find Your” tour when it turned into a WWE match.

Wu Tang Clan

Secret Wu-Tang Album Set To Be Released In 88 Years—But Here’s How You Can Listen To It Before Then


'Once Upon A Time In Shaolin' is the secret Wu-Tang album that took 6 years to record, and it may never fully be released to the public.

first jay z rap

#FlashbackFriday: Jay Z’s First Ever Rap On TV Happened 25 Years Ago


Before Jay Z was a businessman and even way before he was a business, man, Jay Z was an up-and-coming rapper who had very little heat and was grinding out the hard knock life attempting to make a career out of his emcee skills.

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If You Didn’t Think A Song Entitled ‘SnapChat Me Dem Titties’ Would Be The Song Of 2015, THINK AGAIN!


Brief backstory: Ten minutes ago I signed on to my Twitter account to see if there was any #content for me to write about.

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Elderly Rapper Lays Down A Sick Track About How He’s Crushed More Poon Than Hugh Hefner


This 70-year-old by the name of Bitcoin the Rapper has burst onto the scene in the six days, dropping hit after hit after hit.

wu tang clan

Wu-Tang Clan Just Dropped Their 20th Anniversary Album, Here’s Our Review


Since the early 90’s America has experienced its first black president, six iPhones, the inventions of Facebook, Snapchat, and zero Knicks championships.


Here’s The Sick Freestyle Eminem Delivered At 24-Years Old At NYC’s Baruch College


PIERRE ANDRIEU/AFP/Getty Images) Last month, we made a big deal about Eminem dropping a SICK -- seriously, SICK -- freestyle at the age of 42.

slim shady

At 42-Years-Old, Eminem Still Freestyles Better Than Anyone In The Rap Game


Eminem's one of the most gift rappers the world has ever known, and his freestyling skills are what enabled him to ascend to his status today.


Big Breasted Girl Drops Crazy Freestyle On Bus While Huffing Keyboard Duster


This large breasted chick will huff and she'll puff and she'll spit raw rhymes on the bus.


Is Wale Starting His Own Wrestling Promotion With The Help Of A Major WWE Name?


Over the past few years, wrestling and rap have been closely intertwined.

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