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The Most Ridiculous Scenes in Sports Movie History

Hollywood loves sports—it really does.

Hines Ward Talks to Us About Batman, Triathlons and Chocolate Milk

Former Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward isn’t getting soft in retirement. In addition to keeping himself busy by winning Dancing With the Stars, being the

Hines Ward Will Be a Walker in ‘The Walking Dead’

This is excellent news for everyone who saw Ward’s amazing acting chops in “The Dark Knight Rises” and wanted more.

Hines Ward Intimately Dances With Fellow Steelers

Hines Ward was on "Dancing With The Stars" last season and he brought a dance step or two back to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Hines Ward Puts His Dancing Partner In a Neck Brace

Steelers wide-out, Hines Ward, pulled some accidental WWE-type shit on his "Dancing with the Star" partner Kym Johnson during a recent practice session. Dropped her