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Here Are the Best Moments of the World Cup, Animated for Your Enjoyment

Solid work right here.

Canadian Running Back Runs Over Defense in Badass Touchdown Run

This 50-yard touchdown run is the result of incredible strength and some broke-ass tackling. It’s also a reminder that they play college football in Canada. 

Dexter McCluster’s Punt Return Will Blow Your Mind

The Kansas City Chiefs improved to 4-0 yesterday with a straight-up shellacking of the New York Giants, thanks in part to this incredible meandering 89-yard

Fox Sports 1 Heroes Jay and Dan Share Some First-Week Highlights

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we here at BroBible really like these guys. Although, putting out a weekly highlight reel could become

Watch Jason ‘White Chocolate’ Williams Throw a Bounce-Pass Alley-Oop

Michael Jordan can still dunk. Jason Williams can still make ludicrous assists. Bring on the NBA Champions Tour already.

Here’s a Video of Michael Jordan Finishing at the Hoop Over and Over Again

Each passing moment puts Michael Jordan’s playing career further in the rearview mirror. And that sucks because it means eventually his greatness may be forgotten.

One-Handed High School Basketball Player Is Tearing It Up in Georgia

Start your morning with some inspiration.

Terry Bradshaw Said ‘Like He Was Chasing That Bucket of Chicken’ During Reggie Bush Highlight

We're positive he meant nothing salacious or racist with his comment -- he, in fact, was making fun of Jimmy Johnson -- but we also

The Biggest Lacrosse Hits of 2012

Here are the biggest lacrosse hits of 2012 thus far. A lot of them just so happen to be very illegal. So you know they're

The Last 5 Years of the Best Sports Highlights In 5 Minutes

Because we love sports. Because we love watching videos of athletes doing the ridiculous. Because we hate working on the Friday before a long weekend.

Andrew Luck’s First Professional Pass Attempt Resulted in a 63-Yard Touchdown

Andrew Luck got off to a good start with the Colts last night; on his very first pass of the preseason he threw a long

Chicago Cubs’ Tony Campana Authors Slide of the Year

Tony Campana isn’t very tall or powerful, but, man, can he run. The Chicago Cubs speedster turned in one of the more athletic plays you’ll

Kobe Bryant Makes Impossibly Tough Reverse Layup While Being Fouled

Kobe Bryant turned in this little gem against the Dallas Mavericks last night. The unmasked man was somehow able to get this reverse

Here Are All the Dunks and Fancy Passes From the NBA All-Star Game

The Western Conference outlasted their Eastern Conference counterparts, 152-149, in last night’s NBA All-Star Game. Kevin Durant took home MVP honors by scoring