stupid people

High School Student Slipped Horny Goat Weed In Teacher’s Drink In An Attempt To Get Her Fired


The stupidity of this kid far surpasses what is detailed in the headline.

funny vines

What Is Going On In This Ridiculous High School Basketball Vine?


Backstory:  A 7'6 high schooll basketball player in Florida got dunked on, causing basketball blogs to lose their minds.

high school

A High School Student Made a Wes Anderson-Esque Short Film Called ‘Adderall’


I think the (very, awesomely talented) high school kid who made this amusing short film has seen a couple of Wes Anderson movies in his day.


A High School Student Tricked His Teacher Into Eating A Pot Brownie, Set Back Weed Legalization A Decade


In a move that is SURELY going to poke the flames of those crusading against the legalization of weed nationwide, a high school student at Broadneck High School in Annapolis, Maryland tricked a teacher into eating a pot brownie.

high school

This Insane TD Run Will Get This Bro Laid For The Rest Of His High School Days


Ross Bowers, already headed to Cal to play football, runs the ball and scores to put his time up 24-7.

finance bros

A 16-Year-Old In New Jersey Made $300,000 Trading Penny Stocks While In High School


If you're a business-minded Bro -- or, hell, just someone casually interesting in finance and how the markets work -- one of the best things you'll read on the Internet today is over at The Verge.

weird news

Kids Are Getting Suspended For Snorting Smarties Probably Because It’s Better Than Eating Them


Kids in New Mexico have finally found a use for the candy left over in their Halloween buckets that no one wants to eat -- their snorting them up their noses.


22-Year-Old High School Teacher In D.C. Wastes No Time, Has Oral Sex With Student On Her First Day At School


My sincerest apologies to the stock photo model (pictured above) who will now and forever be linked to this story.

bad teachers

Teen Who Bragged About Having A Threesome With His Teachers Feels Bad For Getting Them Arrested

By | 3 Comments

Two weeks ago the Internet exploded over the news of a Louisiana 17-year-old allegedly having a threesome with his English teachers, Rachel Respess, 24, and Shelley Dufresne, 32, who were charged with having sex with a minor.

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