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What If The Internet Was A High School And Everyone Was Freaking Out Over Snapchat Sending Dick Pics?


I'm just so happy that BroBible makes an appearance in this video by Cracked.

good times

10 People You’re Guaranteed To Run Into At Your Class Reunion


The gang is all getting back together, whether it be at a local bar for Thanksgiving Eve, a reunion, or just because they're looking for a reason to drink.


This Kid Is Attempting To Get 500K Retweets So He Can Take His Friend’s MILF Of A Mom To Prom (UPDATE)


At time of publish, this kid -- who is attempting to score a date with his friend's hot mom to a fucking high school school dance -- has 72,000 retweets.

stupid people

High School Student Slipped Horny Goat Weed In Teacher’s Drink In An Attempt To Get Her Fired


The stupidity of this kid far surpasses what is detailed in the headline.

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What Is Going On In This Ridiculous High School Basketball Vine?


Backstory:  A 7'6 high schooll basketball player in Florida got dunked on, causing basketball blogs to lose their minds.

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