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Remember That Kid Who Wanted His Cat In His Senior Photo? His Principal Joined Him With Her Own Pet


Earlier this month we brought you the story of Draven Rodriguez, a kid with the simple request of having his senior portrait include his cat, Mr.


Bro Suspended For Dealing Banned Substance At School — It Was A Pepsi


A teen entrepreneur got pinched this week for dealing an illegal substance in front of his locker.


This Kid’s Hilarious Fail At Dunking A Basket Reminds Me To Be Happy I’m Not In High School


I can't dunk or even shoot a basketball for shit, and yet for some reason I'm sitting here thinking "Yeah, I might suck at sports but I don't suck THIS bad.

High school.

Kid gets suspended from school for 5 days after dropping legendary FHRITP


I can't say I'm certain what happened here, why this kid was on the stage of his high school, or how big his balls are.

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