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Two Genius High School Bros Solved the Ketchup Conundrum Forever

Your worst part of condiments is about to be rectified.

Pennsylvania Teenager Asks Miss America to Prom, Gets Promptly Suspended

Teenagers are just the worst, aren't they?

Rich, Creepy High School Bro Asks Emily Ratajkowski to Prom Via YouTube

Dear High School Bros: Stop asking hot supermodels out to prom via campy YouTube videos.

Enterprising Teen Sold Pot Brownies to Pay For Prom Dress

What's a poor high school kid to do?

High School Teachers Read Mean Tweets From Their Students

Taking a note from Jimmy Kimmel's playbook, the teachers from Los Alamitos High School in Los Alamitos, California made a pretty funny video reading mean

SAT Scoring Changes; Bragging About Your Score to Become Markedly Harder

RIP the 2400-point SAT score: 2005 - 2016.

5 Biggest Lies You Hear in High School About College

Let’s rewind back to the 5th grade. Your teacher schedules some 6th grade, chubby, know-it-all to come to class and [...]

Get Hyped For College Lacrosse Season With This Sick College Lacrosse Hype Video

Oh man, bros. You know what time it is, don’t you? It’s fucking lax season. Fucking face dodges and cradling [...]

High School Idiots Chant ‘We Want Slurpees’ at an Indian Player

Ugh. Racism. When a player of Indian descent took the free throw line this past Friday, a group of high school idiots in Western New York

10 Things About College That Nobody Prepares You For In High School

I would like to think that high school aptly prepares all students for college. However, sitting here as a senior about to ride a flaming

High School Reunions Never Looked So Fun, Nick Swardson’s ‘Back In The Day’ Is Out Now

Michael Rosenbaum plays Jim Owens, a failed actor who is dreading heading home for his high school reunion, in Back in the Day  

Bro Tells Teacher In Essay Section of His Biology Exam That He Does Not Give a Fuck About Science

You have to respect the balls to tell your teacher you do not give one fuck about his class, but really value the friendship the

High School Seniors vs. Senior Citizens: Who’s Smarter, Cooler, and Awesomer?

Hint: The senior citizens didn't say YOLO. SMH for the future generation.... 

265-Pound 25-Year-Old Arrested for Posing as High School Freshman

A 25-year-old guy with multiple arrest warrants attempted to pass himself off as a high school freshman at a New Jersey high school yesterday,

Dallas High School Teacher Outed as ‘Playboy’ Model; Students Surprisingly Cool With It

In February of 2011 Cristy Nicole Deweese dropped her last name, posed nude for Playboy, and earned "Coed of the Month" honors. They were, uh, pretty

A Few Former Pennsylvania School Officials Liked Sending Texts, EXTREMELY RACIST TEXTS

On August 29, Superintendent Richard Como (that Silver Fox pictured above) and Coatesville High School athletic director Jim Donato resigned from their respective positions citing personal reasons.

A School District Is Monitoring Its Students Facebook Accounts

This year, California's Glendale Unified School District became the first school system to do the creepy, 1984-predicted inevitable: Monitor 14,000 of its middle and

High School Football Player, Isiah Mckenzie, Had a Video Game-Type Kickoff Return for a TD

And not a single tackle was made on that day... 

High Schooler, Josh Ruggles, Sinks 135 Three-Pointers in Five Minutes

In the words of Gary Koch, this effort was "better than most." However, the effort by the asshole recording it vertically is abominable. 

A Product Called Liquid Ass, Along With Rabbit Repellent, Hospitalized Six Teenage Bible Campers

Fuckin' soft-ass kids can't handle some Liquid Asshole fart spray. Pussies. Real, salt of the earth pussies, I tell ya. I remember my first noxious

Why It Sucks Running Into People From High School

Well this is just the most accurate video ever. No matter what age, running into people from high school who you don't want to run

HOLY SH*T: 6’ 1” High School Senior Won a Dunk Contest by Jumping Over Two 6’ 8” Dudes

That's levitation, holmes. 

Apparently It’s Cool to Be ‘Frat’ In High School These Days?

Want to know what the biggest new "trend" in high school is these days? Apparently it's being "frat" or "fratty" before even being in college.

Kate Upton DENIES Bro’s High School Prom Invite; Dude Is Now Going with Nina Agdal Instead

BREAKING K.U.N.N. UPDATE: Remember 17-year-old Jake Davidson’s incredible attempt at asking Kate Upton his high school prom? Turns out she was all like, "NAH,"

High School Bros Make the Most Questionable ‘Will You Go to Prom With Me?’ Video We’ve Ever Seen

Pillow fights. All-male bathroom scenes. Dry humping the air and each other. This video is the homoerotic fairytale the Lonely Island guys were talking

In Which Cops Taze a High School Kid in the Face

In the face. IN THE FACE! 

Watch the First Interview with High School Student Who Awesomely Ripped His Teacher to Shreds

A few days ago this video of a student ripping his teacher a new asshole for not knowing how to teach went beaucoup viral

High School Teacher Fired for Participating in Incredibly Lame Harlem Shake Video

I can’t believe I’m defending the Harlem Shake, but this seems pretty unfair. It’s 46 seconds out of the school day, for Chrissakes. Now, if

High School Student Suspended After Writing YOLO on Test, then Tweeting It

Texas high school student Kyron Birdine didn't want to take the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test. He already had another standardized

HS Girl’s Basketball Team Pours Urine Into Opposing Team’s Water Cooler, Gives Me Flashbacks

This story triggered AWFUL memories for me. Back when I was in college, at the University of Miami, my fraternity house was across the street

High School Bro Kicks a 70-Yard Field Goal, Internet Creams Its Pants

I guess this is going viral...

AP Exams Are the Biggest Scam in American Education

Back in my day, which coincided with Facebook’s Paleolithic Era—when Al Pacino graced the top-left hand corner and there were still those “GET RID OF

High School Football Player May Have the Funniest Recruit Mixtape Ever

Ryan Potter is not only the senior backup kicker/cornerback at Nashville Tennessee's Montgomery Bell Academy—he's the proud creator of maybe the funniest recruiting mixtape we've

High Schoolers! You May Be Getting Condom Dispensers in Your School Soon

[That's the best image we've run on this website since the days of Waffles McButter.]

High School Basketball Player Jordan Bell BREAKS RIM On Windmill Dunk In Game

Reminds me of the time I broke the rim on the mini hoop I had in my bedroom in middle school. Although that rim was

Where Are They Now? 10 Kids You Went to High School with, Five Years Later

A few days ago, I stumbled across this excellent article that nicely captured what it's like to reflect on your days as a

Watch a School Bully Try and Start a Fight, Then Get Absolutely Wrecked

Can't just talk the talk, Bro. 

Drunk Guy Wanders Onto High School Football Field, Two Dads Take Him Down

On Friday night at a high school football game, a drunk guy wandered onto the field, shirtless and in a daze. He may have thought

Study Finds Popular Kids Earn More Than Nerds, So Find the Nearest Locker and Shove Someone in It

Essentially the "it's not what you know, it's who you know" life philosophy, now with a Letterman jacket twist. 

5 Reasons Why Basements Are the Sh*t

I fled the nest a while ago.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a lovely nest; I just got tired of being questioned about why