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High School Baseball Coach Goes on 17-Minute Expletive-Filled Tirade, Is Promptly Suspended

You @#*#*##rs!

I Can’t Stop Watching This High School Softball Team Fail to Run Through a Banner

Not even close.

High School Soccer Player Boots 70-Yard Goal Two Seconds Into the Game

Quick strike.

Meet a 400-Poud High School Running Back Who’s Called ‘Big Tone’

Bros, meet Tony "Big Tone" Picard. He is a 6' 4", 400-pound monster running back for White Swan High School in Washington state. His stats

Watch a High School Football Player Make One-Hand Catches WHILE Doing Backflips

This looks a lot harder than it is, and it looks pretty damn hard to begin with. Austin Richmond is a wide receiver for Crater High

5 Ways High School Sports Inadvertently Prepared Us For the Working World

They always say high school sports is all about the life lessons. They were sort of right. 

This High School Hockey Goal Is Disgustingly Good


Check Out This High School Basketball Team Hitting Three Buzzer Beaters in One Game

Not one! Not two! But... three buzzer beaters!

Was This a Funny Volleyball Play, or an Acted Out Game of ‘Bop-It?’

In the face, in the bleachers. A nice one-two punch. 

Reporter’s Quest to Get High School Softball Stats Derailed by Coach’s Bullsh*t, Laziness

Louisiana’s Rayne Independent has a circulation of 3,600. It also has one sportswriter who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, standards be damned.

7’5” Mamadou Ndiaye Is Apparently the Tallest High School Hoops Player in the World

World, meet California's 7-foot-5 Senegalese high school hoops sensation Mamadou Ndiaye. According to a profile in The Daily Mail, he's 17 years old,

‘Moses Parting the Red Sea’ Might Be the Best Student Section Tradition We’ve Seen Yet

Move over Taylor University: Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts may have just topped you for the best student section of the

High School Football Team Loses State Championship When Player Raises Arm in TD Celebration

A raised arm. That's all it took for a referee to strip this team of a State Championship that was rightly their's. The

High School Running Back Turns Horrible Snap Into Incredible Touchdown

According to Rivals.com, Keith Marshall at Raleigh, North Carolina's Millbrook High School is one of the top runningbacks in the country. This past weekend, he

Watch a Houston High School Football Fight

Last night Houston's Lamar and Chavez high school teams came to blows on the sideline. The fisticuffs started after Chavez's quarterback experienced a flagrant late

The Best 15-Yard Hail Mary Ever?

Maybe, but surely there have been better, non-recorded miracle passes at high school games around the country. Also, why are there only like

High School Running Back Scores the Game-Winning TD By Barrel Rolling Into the Endzone

Friday night in Central Jersey, Red Bank Catholic High School pulled off a crazy win against Neptune in double overtime. On a 13-yard game-winning rush

Football Team Starts Game With 5 On-Side Kicks; Gets 29-0 Lead Before Opponent’s First Possession

Last week the Pulaski Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas made headlines for its uncanny offensive strategy against Cabot High on September 9th. Thanks