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High School Football Player Bench Presses 515-Pounds Three Times, Emasculates Us All In the Process

The comments on YouTube are ablaze, accusing 6' 6", 285lb, Olathe South football player Braden Smith of taking steroids. One guy, named Marty Forkwarter even said, "i

Michigan State QB Recruit Jayru Campbell Body Slammed a High School Security Guard

"No Guts - No Glory" says Jayru Campbell's right and left biceps about this incident and ALL INCIDENTS henceforth.  These videos below allegedly show Campbell, a 4-Star Michigan State Football recruit,

Another Michigan State Title Game Won Via Trick Play

Say what you want about my native state, but you must admit we’re not afraid to run a trick play in a big spot. In

Trick Kick Return Leads to Michigan State Championship

Marine City (Mich.) used this clever kickoff play to defeat Grand Rapids South Christian and win the state championship. Classic misdirection.

Miracle Halfback Pass Wins Tennessee State Playoff Game

Trailing 10-7 late in the fourth quarter of a Tennessee state quarterfinal game, Lewis County dialed up a halfback pass. The pitchman, Lucas Graham, was

CRAZY Video of a High School Football Player Beating Another Player with His Helmet

Tempers can run high during a football game, but this is unquestionably the most unsportsman-like thing I've ever witnessed. Back in September I posted about

High School Dude Makes Sick One-Handed Grab, Will Coast Rest of Life

Cameron Hilton, a wide receiver for Webster Groves (Mo.) hauled in this astounding grab during his team’s 42-39 state quarterfinal victory. A play like this

High School Football Reporter Captures Moment He’s Run Over By Over-Excited Team

David A. Amador of High School Sports Magazine will do anything to get his shot, including taking a devastating hit from a large and oblivious

Meet a 400-Poud High School Running Back Who’s Called ‘Big Tone’

Bros, meet Tony "Big Tone" Picard. He is a 6' 4", 400-pound monster running back for White Swan High School in Washington state. His stats

A High School Running Back Was Asked Nicely to Remove Knife From Pants During Game

Come to think of it, The Last Boy Scout is due for a remake.

High School Football Team Ups 2-Point Play Ante With No-Look Prayer

Why convert a two-point conversion in a normal way when you can concoct an imaginative play which both shocks and embarrasses the other team?

High School Running Back Completes Wildly Improbable Touchdown Run

High school football is the gift that keeps on giving, primarily because no one can tackle worth a damn. Thus, things like this keep happening.

Extremely Complicated Two-Point Conversion Features Dude Howling Like a Monkey

There is trickeration and there is TRICKERATION. This is the latter.

High School Football Announcer Loses His Mind Over Great Catch

This announcer dude is pretty exciting about a catch in a high school football game. I’ve never once been this excited about anything in my

This High School Football Field is Nuts

This is what Diamond Ranch Academy’s football field looks like. It is all kinds of ridiculous.

High School Team Returns Field Goal 99 Yards as Time Expires for Insane Win

This is a brutal way to lose a football game. It’s also an awesome way to win a football game. Life’s all about perspective.

Can a 33-Yard Pass Be a Hail Mary?

This post is really just an excuse to see if we can lock down the true definition of a Hail Mary. I am not sure

High School Bro Blocks Two Punts on the Same Play

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to block a punt. One must break through the opponent's line and sacrifice his body for the good

Here’s a Bizarre High School Football Punt Return

When playing a game, it’s important to understand the rules. Otherwise, shit like this can happen.

Here’s an Insane High School Football Touchdown

The best touchdown of the weekend may have come courtesy of a high school kid. Before you get all dubious, take a look for yourself.

Incredible High School Football Play Secretly Trying to Teach Everyone About Physics

Trailing 31-29 in the game’s waning moments, Ludlowe (Conn.) dialed up the old off-the-receiver’s-hands-off-the-other-receiver’s-hands-off-the-defender play. Lo and behold, it worked exactly as they drew it

This High School Hail Mary is Worth Waiting For

This isn’t the best Hail Mary we’ve seen solely because of the defensive backs’ incompetence. But it may just be the slowest developing.

This 2-Point Conversion Will Make You Aimlessly Wander the Streets


High School Football Team Wins on Improbable Fumble Return as Time Expires

Well, this is certainly a terrible way to lose a football game. At least these kids are in high school and will have plenty of

High School Wide Receiver Makes Legitimately Fantastic One-Handed Catch

The kid’s name is Tyler Balla, which is pretty unfair. You’re probably named Dave Smith or something not as awesome. The high school senior’s catch

Insane High School Football Hit Featured a Full Flip

This massive hit, obscured slightly by the gaudiest watermark in internet history, took place in Georgia. The crowd was rightly thrilled. The player that got

High School Bro Has the Sickest Punt Return You’ll Watch Today

Eli Renoux is only a sophomore at Andover High School in Kansas. But this incredible touchdown return ought to drawl the attention of D1 scouts.

High School Football Player Savagely Attacks Player With Helmet

These antics make Friday Night Lights and any other dramatized importance of high school football look like child’s play. This kid is royally fucked.

High School Bro Makes Sick Catch Behind Defender’s Back, Is Robbed By Ref

Because officials everywhere suck, this slick grab by Nick Bokun of Hobart (Ind.) was ruled incomplete. Injustice exists on every rung of the football ladder.

Utah High School Football Team Wins on Improbable Hail Mary

Even atheists believe in Hail Marys. Well, when they work.

High School Football Teams Brawl, We Watch

Ah, high school football. The pageantry. The sense of community. The small town charm. The veer option. And of course, the brawlin’.

Should This High School Coach Have Been Suspended for Slapping His QB?

Cypress Bay Florida football's Mark Guandolo has been suspended from his team for two weeks after video went viral on Sunday of the coach slapping

Former High School Football Player Shows At Coach’s House, Tries to Bite Off an Ear

This guy really knows how to hold a grudge.

High School Football Player May Have the Funniest Recruit Mixtape Ever

Ryan Potter is not only the senior backup kicker/cornerback at Nashville Tennessee's Montgomery Bell Academy—he's the proud creator of maybe the funniest recruiting mixtape we've

High School Kid With Cerebral Palsey Makes Inspiring Football Debut

We continue our Christmas Eve feel-goodery with this incredible story.

Bounce-Pass Trick Plays Are the New Hotness in High School Football

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this, but it’s still astounding. It seems like a tremendous risk. Can’t argue with the results, though.

Canadian Football Team Returns Punt for a Touchdown By Punting It Back

Apparently this is legal in Canadian football. Sorry, but it just looks kind of stupid and very un-football-like.

Here’s a VERY Inspiring Speech from a Football Coach Whose Team Was Displaced by Hurricane Sandy

The Rockaway Peninsula area of Queens was one of the hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy. The unmitigated destruction has rendered the area a temporary wasteland,

This May Be the Strangest Touchdown Catch You’ll Ever See

Granted, the receiver got a little help from his friend.

Michigan Commit Gives Amazing Tribute to Freshman Teammate

This is a great story. Michael Ferns is a top high school running back, heading to Michigan next year on a full ride. A couple