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Watch a High School Sophomore Throw Down a Vicious, Vicious Dunk

We repeat: vicious.

Minnesota State Semifinal Game Decided on 60-Foot Bomb in Quadruple Overtime

From there.

Michigan Playoff Game Decided on Most Dramatic Buzzer-Beater Ever Captured on Film

Wait for it ...

High School Dunker 1, Backboard 0

If there’s anything more manly than shattering a basketball backboard, I am blissfully unaware of that activity. The latest episode […]

7′ 1″ High School Sophomore Has a ‘Holy Shit’ Basketball Highlight Reel

Thon Maker is a 7′ 1″ high school sophomore who can pretty much do it all. He doesn’t jump out […]

High School Basketball Bro Jumps Over TWO 6’ 8” Guys in What Might Be Best Dunk Contest Dunk Ever

Egads! Grayson Allen knows a few things about levitation. The 6'4" senior flew just told everyone to jump over two 6' 9" guys or get the fuck out. We're guessing

Hey, a Double Alley-Oop!

At first, I was very impressed with this double-alley-oop dunk. And who wouldn’t be? It employs both unselfish and flashy ball movement. Then I dug

One-Handed High School Basketball Player Offered Spot With Florida

Hey, thanks a lot, Florida. Now I’m feeling feelings.

Obvious Troll: This Awesome High School Dunk is Really a Blatant Charge

Dasonte Bradford, a prep basketball star from Tennessee, threw down this ridiculous dunk during the state playoffs. If there are children in the room, please

Kindhearted Mascot Steals Show After Another High School Playoff Buzzer-Beater

Holy hell, the New York state high school basketball playoffs are insane. First, we had New Rochelle’s logic-defying buzzer-beater that catapulted the primaries onto national

Dude Scores Game-Winning Hoop In Oklahoma State Playoffs … On the Wrong Hoop

We’ve yet to see any video footage of this incredible incident but perhaps that’s a good thing. We’re not sure we want to see this

High School Kid Literally Brings Down the Hoop With Mighty Dunk

Game over.

New Rochelle Wins Section 1 AA Title on a Ridiculous 3/4 Buzzer Beating Shot and Crazy Sequence

The internet buzzer beater market has certainly become an oversaturated one. But every now and then, something like this comes along. 

White Goodman Would Be Proud of the Cheap Shot Delivered at This Girls HS Basketball Game

That's a bold move, Cotton. 

Twitter Users Awesomely Get High School Basketball Player with Down’s Syndrome on SportsCenter

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about how a few high school kids used Twitter to convince Adrian Peterson to call their friend Blake,

Dude Displays World Class Dance Moves During High School Hoops Game, As Announcers Really Egg Him On

If my father had danced like this at one of my high school basketball games, I don’t think I would have been able to handle

This Wild, Unintentional Hook Shot Is a Top Play and Then Some

Actually, it's just a top play.  But a very good one at that. 

High School Baller Jumps Completely Over a Defender, and the Resulting Dunk is Disgusting

Eyes poppin' out them sockets. 

Check Out This High School Basketball Team Hitting Three Buzzer Beaters in One Game

Not one! Not two! But... three buzzer beaters!

Meet Julian ‘Handles’ Newman, 4-Foot-5 5th-Grader Who Starts on His Varsity Basketball Team

Not only that, but he's pretty damn good. This is something you'll have see to believe. 

Oregon Girls Basketball Championship Game Ends with 16-7 Score Due to Ridiculous Stall Techniques

This is absurd. The Oregon high school girls basketball championship game between Springfield High and Willamette High ended with a record-low score of 16-7. Of

Watch the Spectacular OT Ending of the Colorado High School Basketball Championship

Just... WOW. Over the weekend, Arapahoe High School played Chaparral High School in the Colorado Class 5A boys high school basketball championship. The

Top Recruit Gary Harris Nails 35-Foot Playoff Buzzer-Beater

Gary Harris proved why he’ll be playing for Michigan State next year by hitting a 35-foot buzzer-beater last night in an Indiana sectional

High School Basketball Player Drains a 70 Foot Buzzer Beater to Win the Game

This happened last night in a high school basketball game between U-32 & Montpelier. With just seconds left Montpelier scored to tie the game.

Is 6’3 Sophomore High School Point Guard Chris Tang ‘The Next Jeremy Lin’?

This afternoon ScoutFocus passed along this video of Hampton Roads Academy's 6'3 point guard, Chris Tang. The question, since Tang is of Chinese

Watch This Sick High School Alley-Oop Dunk Over a Defender

Here's one of the most exciting high school basketball plays you'll see this week.  This is 6'2" Arizona Wildcats commit Gabe York --

This May Be Greatest Alley-Ooop Ever Thrown

This high school coach from Vinta, Okla. is a genius. How else would you explain his ability to have the perfect play call

7’5” Mamadou Ndiaye Is Apparently the Tallest High School Hoops Player in the World

World, meet California's 7-foot-5 Senegalese high school hoops sensation Mamadou Ndiaye. According to a profile in The Daily Mail, he's 17 years old,

High School Senior Shaquille Johnson Has a Dirty, Dirty Dunk Highlight Reel

Internet and hoops fans everywhere, meet Shaquille Johnson, The 6'4" senior from Milton High School in Alpharetta, Georgia has one of the dirtiest

Maryland High School Sophomore Receives $750,000 Contract to Play Pro Ball in Italy

Aquille Carr, a 17-year-old from Baltimore, has been the belle of the ball this past high school basketball season. He's made quite a few national

VIDEO: Oregon High School Basketball Game Ends with Backboard-Shattering Dunk

Here's one of the most badass endings to a high school basketball game we've witnessed in a long time. Oregon high school baller Alex Roth

VIDEO: North Carolina High School Basketball Brawl Really Escalates Quickly

For some reason, people always seem to get unnecessarily grumpy and agitated the January weekend between the NFL Conference Championships and the Super Bowl. As

VIDEO: High School Student Sinks Backwards Buzzer Beater

Here's a video of a high school kid casually pulling off a one hell of a HORSE shot. The backwards buzzer beater is an impressive

VIDEO: Florida High School Basketball Player Bodyslams a Refree

Here we have a video of a Desoto County, Florida high school basketball player body slamming a referee. After earning a technical foul for pushing