This High School Dunk Will Make You Yell ‘Boom Shakalaka!’


I've been playing a lot of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare over last couple weeks and all I can think is how this high school kid's INSANE ups are like someone playing basketball with an exo-suit on.

high school basketball

High School Baller Messes Around And Dunks On Defender From Just Inside The Free-Throw Line


Michael Porter is one of the top basketball prospects in the Class of 2017.

JaMario Bell

High School Dunker 1, Backboard 0


If there's anything more manly than shattering a basketball backboard, I am blissfully unaware of that activity.

thon maker

7′ 1″ High School Sophomore Has a ‘Holy Shit’ Basketball Highlight Reel


Thon Maker is a 7' 1" high school sophomore who can pretty much do it all.


Hey, a Double Alley-Oop!


At first, I was very impressed with this double-alley-oop dunk.

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