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The Season of No One High-Fiving Tom Brady Continues

The Patriots may be headed to the AFC Championship game, but Tom Brady is having a rough season. His numbers are down and he's constantly being

Bro’s Roommate Isn’t Actually Asleep In His Bed, Plus More Tales of Friendship

Hey Bros, I'm here with another round of Hookup Heroes. And they are juicy. Be sure to send yours in. And try to use the word

Little Kid Prematurely Ruined by Bipartisanship Refuses to Give President Barack Obama a High-Five

This little guy is wearing sunglasses because his future at Fox News is so bright. Watch him stonewall the leader of the free world on

This White Guy is Still Waiting for His High-Five From LeBron James

No, you are absolutely not getting any love from LeBron James, dude. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can afford courtside

Top 5 Most Awkward Moments in Life

Unless you work at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, your daily routine probably isn’t a series of witty conversations and smooth […]