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Some Saint Rounded Up Stories About What Sex is Like On Every Drug

Well isn't this thoughtful?

The 12 Worst Things Addicts on Reddit Admitted to Doing for a Fix

Drugs! They are… really, really addicting. And if you get very, very addicted to them, you will do seriously fucked […]

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Was Found With 50 Bags of Heroin in His Apartment

That... is a lot of heroin. 

Enterprising McDonald’s Employee Arrested for Selling Heroin Out of Drive-Thru

A Pittsburgh man is accused of using his day job to ...  sell heroin (sorry, I thought I had a pun there, but it didn't

Subsitute Teacher on Heroin Passes Out In Class

If I have one official stance in life, it's this: do your drugs after work.

Mother of the Year Pays For Son’s Heroin Because She Doesn’t Like Seeing Him Withdraw From It

Nothing quite like a mother's love, but this takes not being able to leave the tit to a whole new level. Where is this stupid