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UAB’s New Helmets Are Ridiculous(ly) Awesome

Dragon stuff.

South Carolina Needs to Start Wearing These Helmets

Slick dome.

Huge Win for Selfies: Purdue to Put Student Photos on Helmets

Boiler upload.

Mississippi State Unveils Gold Helmet for Egg Bowl

Mississippi State’s Thanksgiving Night game against Ole Miss won’t be just any Egg Bowl. It will be an Egg Bowl in which the Bulldogs wear

Marshall to Honor Victims of 1970 Plane Crash With Tonight’s Helmets

Forty-three years ago today, 75 members of the Marshall football team lost their lives in a plane crash. Tonight marks the first time the Thundering

Rutgers Has a Special New Jersey Helmet

It’s been a year since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast. Rutgers will pay tribute to all those who continue to be affected with special

Rate Arizona State’s ‘Flame’ Helmets for the ASU-Notre Dame Game

Fresh off defeating USC and bringing an end to Lane Kiffin's college football coaching career (...for now), Arizona State is hotter than Hansel right now.

Mississippi State Has Neat New Helmets

Mississippi State is the only football team to ever receive a proper dose of cowbell.  As such, they need to get their kicks via other

Jonny Gomes Hit a Walk-Off Homer, C***-Punted His Helmet

Jonny Gomes hit a walk-off home run for the Boston Red Sox last night, which was impressive. But his celebration was even more enjoyable. Here’s

Virginia Tech’s New Camo Helmets Are Worth Looking At

Virginia Tech unveiled these alternative helmets today because HEY LOOK OVER THERE! SHINY WEIRD THING!

This 3-Year-Old Knows Everything About the NFL

This kid knows a lot about the NFL and has a terrific accent. He’s going places. At the rate “SportsCenter” is going, Mase here will

Detroit Red Wings Goalie Thomas McCollum Has Chris Farley-Themed Helmet

Like Matt Foley, this truly is an inspiration.

Rate Virginia Tech’s Bowl Game Helmets

It’s bowl season so every team under the sun is altering its uniforms. Here is Virginia Tech’s successful attempt to get more attention.

Cincinnati Has New Helmets for Belk Bowl and They’re Terrific

You probably have Dec. 27 circled on your calendar. One simply does not miss the Belk Bowl.

A Gallery of 32 Awesome NFL Concept Helmets

Earlier this week we posted a gallery of Charles Sollars' college football helmet concept designs. The Missouri-based graphic designer has spent the last month on

62 New College Football Helmet Concepts for the SEC, Pac-12, Big 12, ACC, and Big East

All February long, our buddies over at Lost Lettermen have done a heck of a job revealing a series of faux Nike Pro Combat

Are These NCAA Helmet Concepts Better Than Current Designs?

These helmets are only conceptual designs by Charles Sollars, but with a rash of teams mixing in a game or two with Nike Pro

The University of Wyoming Throws Its Hat in the Ring for ‘Coolest Patriotric Helmet’

Someone sent this to us yesterday after we posted the Notre Dame and Rutgers helmet, so we thought it was worth throwing Wyoming's helmet out