Helicopters At The G20 Summit Accidentally Cause Blinding Dust Storm On Highway


With the G20 Summit taking place in Australia right now, the world's leaders and their finest aircrafts are all descending upon Brisbane.


Bro Helicopter Pilot Notices an RC Plane Is Stuck in Tree, Dangerously Retrieves It for Owner


Maybe it's the good ol' boy accent or the fact that he never puts down his cigarette while piloting the helicopter, but I'm not surprised at all that this helicopter pilot decided to maneuver his craft into a tree to retrieve a stuck RC plane.

wild pigs

Just Ted Nugent Shooting a Bunch of Hogs With An Assault Rifle From a Helicopter


To hear him tell it, the Motor City Madman is just doing his civic duty.


This is a human-powered helicopter taking flight


Prepare your mind for blowing (um, not like that): In this clip, you're going to witness a man-powered helicopter "taking flight" for 40 seconds.

skylines the ultimate montage of rap music video cliches

Boats, Cars, Dollars, Girls, Helicopters, Jewellery, Skylines’: The Ultimate Montage of Rap Music Vi


 Directing a rap video has to be the easiest job in the world: recruit a few busty women in high heels willing to sip champagne in a club, call up the local helicopter charter and boat dealer to shoot a few requisite transportation scenes, round-up a flock of video vixens to shakin' some booty in an abandoned parking lot (or garage)  full of G-Wagons and Bentlys, make sure you have a Zero Halliburton suitcase stuffed with cash, and call up Jacob the Jeweler's connections in Sierra Leone to make sure your rapper is blinged out with a diamond bigger than a golf-ball.

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