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Seattle Television News Helicopter Crashes Near Space Needle

Doesn't look good.

Bro Helicopter Pilot Notices an RC Plane Is Stuck in Tree, Dangerously Retrieves It for Owner

Maybe it's the good ol' boy accent or the fact that he never puts down his cigarette while piloting the helicopter, but I'm not surprised

Watch 49 Quadrocopters Fly In a Trippy Sci-Fi Swarm

Move over, Pink Floyd laser light show. A team in Linz, Austria recently syched up 49 remote control quadrocopters with ambiant LED lights. The result

Just Ted Nugent Shooting a Bunch of Hogs With An Assault Rifle From a Helicopter

To hear him tell it, the Motor City Madman is just doing his civic duty.

Final Day of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2011, As Filmed By Remote Control Helicopters with GoPros

This is almost a month old, but it's still really, really awesome. Using remote control quadrocopter with attached GoPros, the folks at Extreme Aerials captured