This Heavy Metal Cover of ‘You’re The One That I Want’ From ‘Grease’ Is Inexplicably Incredible


There are only two times during which a song from 'Grease' is appropriate to play: late night at an 80's night bar, and in a heavy metal cover.

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Heavy Metal Bassist Ruptures A Testicle On Stage, Somehow Still Finishes The Show


Delain bassist Otto Schimmelpenninck wins the award for most metal guitarist of the year as not only did he rupture a testicle while on stage in Birmingham last week he sucked it up (sorry, bad turn of a phrase) and went on to finish the show.


Attila Frontman ‘Fronz’ Explains How To Quickly Recover From An Embarrassing Public Screw-Up

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According to Attila's official press, "it’s been far too long since a heavy metal band could get the party started the way Attila can.


Heavy metal band’s new music video is a ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired nerdgasm


Heavy metal band Mastodon has dropped their new music video for 'High Road' and it tells the epic tale of a nerd ascending to LARPing glory.

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These Metalhead Sixth Graders from Brooklyn Go Harder Than You


They're bullied at home, they're a curiosity on the Internet, but let's be real: These two little bros from Flatbush, Brooklyn can rock.

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Here Are the (Awesome) Outtakes from John Clayton’s ‘This Is Sports Center’ Commercial


You may remember us posting this spectacular video last week, which will go without a doubt go down as one of the best commercials in the history of the "This is Sportscenter" campaign.

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