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Good News For, Like, Everyone. You Can Eat as Much Salt as You Want.

At least double what you are consuming now.

Science Says Apples Make Women Better at Sex

It's the vitamins., maybe.

This Study Says That Hot People Are Less Likely To Get Sick, While Ugly People…Yeah No.

Protip: don't be ugly.

Why You Should Save Your Hangovers For Weekdays

Think about it.

New Study Suggests Binge-Drinking Doesn’t Have Much Impact on Athletic Performance, So Drink Up


Study Shows Bacon Significantly Lowers Sperm Count

A new study says eating bacon can drastically reduce a man's sperm count. I'm not sure how I feel about that. 

Intermittent Fasting is the SHIT, 10 Reasons Why You Should To Try It

Intermittent Fasting; what's with all the hype?

The Size of Your Balls Tells You How Healthy You Are

Guys love grabbing their junk. Adjusting it, repositioning it. Making sure it's still there. The time and place for a mindless crotch-grab doesn't really matter—I

Don’t Lick Your Lover’s Eyeball Unless You Want Pinkeye

Hey jabronies, don’t get into EYE BALL LICKIN’. It’s nothing but trouble. Keep to having unprotected casual sex like a normal person.

8 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Through The Roof

Naturally boosting your testosterone will get you so yoked that people will literally vomit on themselves as you pass by. Ok..

5 Ways You Shorten Your Life Every Day

Guess how much that Jack and Coke is taking off your life? 

Lil Wayne Reportedly in Critical Condition After Seizure

Rapper Lil Wayne was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital last night after suffering a seizure and placed in an induced coma, according to a

Science: Sex More Effective Than Painkillers As Headache Cure

This is a game-changer.

Huge News: You Can Smoke Until 35 With No (Okay, Few) Consequences

I don't smoke, but I've always held a special hatred for those judgemental busy-bodies who shame social smokers. You know the type: He/she is drunk at

Study: Binge-Drinking Students Happier Than Non-Binge-Drinking Students

Science is great because if you try hard enough, you can really make it say whatever you want it to say. This study is a

World’s Fattest Woman Losing Weight Thanks to Insane Amount of Sex

Pauline Potter went into the Guinness Book of Records last year at 728 pounds (52st) in an effort to shame herself into dieting. Instead, she

Which City is Having the Most Sex?

In news that will surprise no one, Miami is having the most sex of any city in the country. They probably don’t know it, though,

Stephen Colbert on How to Cheat Death Using Crash Diet Feeding Tubes & Scrotum Gel Injections

Fairly certain a combination of these methods is the way to live forever...or die tomorrow. Who really knows? That's the risk you take when you

March Madness the Perfect Time to Get Vasectomy, Men Say

They say that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I suppose that explains this story, which reveals there’s a significant increase in the amount

Can You Make it Through This Horrible Woman’s Healthy-Eating Rant?

Well, this really got me riled up. At first glance, this video is pleasant enough. Just a nice-looking lady in a red hat,

Man Eats ‘Triple Bypass Burger’ at Heart Attack Grill, Simultaneously Takes a Massive Coronary

Blessing in disguise right here, folks. But not in the conventional sense that he'll see the light and right his own life through diet and

The Scariest Headline You’ll Read Today: ‘16 Million Americans Have HPV in Their Mouth, Mostly Men’

My esteemed collegue J. Camm is gunning for the first ever blogging Pultizer for his coverage on Male HPV (see: here and here). So, to

Yet Again, Science Proves That Weed is Awesome

Every time you hear a doctor on a pro-weed doc*mentary talking about the lack of side effects from marijuana, they always have that little side

Obama Talks Osama, Canada’s Open-Air Urinals, and Job Interview Tips

  Here are your Morning Headlines:   Awesome: Canada introduces an open-air urinal because free health care and pissing in the breeze (legally) is what they do. [National