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‘Headshots’ Season 2: Double Agents

After a lengthy layoff Todd and Mike are back with a new season of Headshots and this year things are getting RIDICULOUS. If you missed

This Ref Could Use a Replacement After Getting Whacked in the Head

A ref getting beaned? How funny could that be?

Nick Offerman’s Incredible Headshot Dares You to Find a Better Headshot

After being told he would spend his career getting nothing but blue-collar acting rolls -- mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, etc. -- Nick Offerman took a stand,

Season Finale of ‘Headshots’: ‘Untitled Rap Project’

In the final episode of "Headshots," all the big issues are tackled when Todd and Mike go on an audition together: Race, sex, drugs, and

Episode 7 of ‘Headshots’: ‘Utah Hag’

Todd teaches Mike a lesson in honesty. Mike teaches Todd a lesson in pharmaceuticals.

‘Headshots’ - Episode 4: ‘Lines’

This week on "Headshots" Todd needs Mike's help with lines for an audition, while Mike needs lines to help Todd with his audition.

‘Headshots’ Episode 3: Funny Girl

I'd say 100 out of 100 men think that girls aren't funny.  What do you think?  Watch this latest episode of "Headshots" and maybe those

‘Headshots:’ Episode 2 - Mugging for the Camera

In the second episode of the new web series "Headshots," Mike schemes to get a new camera, while Todd has a run-in with L.A.'s criminal