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The Miami Heat Beat the Brooklyn Nets But Lost Their Testicles


Headlines from an Aspiring Internet Writing Sensation

A Woman with No Money Tried to Board a Flight to Chicago. Her Reason Will Make You Hug the Closest Pilot You Can Find

The Irish Times Had a Hilarious Header Fail, Suggests We ‘Eat Out Catherine Cleary’

Zero quality control at the Irish Times, huh? That, or they don't call cunnilingus what we call cunnilingus and now we look like perverts for pointing

14 Really Old News Headlines Rewritten As Modern Day Traffic Bait

We live in the age of baiting readers with scintillating headlines. Every website does it, we're all whores for traffic. But the photo above wonders what major

There’s No Telling How Long TMZ Waited to Use This Jerry Sandusky Headline

Well played, TMZ. Way to wade through the nonsense and present the news in the most succinct and effective way possible.

RIM Jobs In Jeopardy

This certainly wouldn't be good for anybody. Here's to hoping that nobody loses their RIM jobs.   [H/T: Crackberry]

Stupid F*ckers Sign Up For Thing, Suffolk Journal Reports

Suffolk University's Student Leadership and Involvement fair was a success. The school newspaper's coverage of the event, however, ran into a bit of trouble.

Brandon Davies’ Girlfriend, Bree Olson’s New Photo Shoot, and 16-Year Old Dies on Basketball Court

     AG is out today so I am going to attempt our morning headlines. Here they are:   Tragedy: A 16-year old high school basketball player from Fennville,