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We All Remember Our First Handjob In A Bathroom At A College Party — Bros Watching ‘Girls’ Episode 2

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Each week, senior editors Brandon Wenerd and Chris Illuminati are going to recap HBO's Girls.


HBO To Launch Stand-Alone ‘HBO Streaming Service’ In 2015–Time To Ditch Cable?


In a press release HBO has just announced that they will be offering a stand-alone streaming service in 2015, releasing the shackles of the major cable networks (a la Netflix).

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HBO Sitcom About EDM DJs Said to Be a Mix of ‘Entourage’ and ‘Project X’


Get those rave sticks and glow necklaces ready for lazy Sunday night couch sitting, Bros.


Bill Hader to Star in His Own HBO Show, Which Should Be Terrific


If you didn't already think HBO knows what the hell it's doing, this year it gave Mike Judge and John Oliver their own shows.

the leftovers

What the Hell Was Up with That Preview for ‘The Leftovers’ on HBO Last Night?


HBO threw you for a loop, playing this bizarre trailer for an upcoming show The Leftovers.


Hilarious HBO Go Ads Perfectly Capture How Awkward It Is To Watch HBO With Your Parents


HBO has some fun with its new YouTube commercials advertising HBO Go.

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