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Rather Than Calling an Ambulance, Fraternity Brothers Googled ‘Head Injury Symptoms’ While a Pledge Was Dying

Back in December, Baruch College student Chun Hsien “Michael” Deng died as a result of a Pi Delta Psi fraternity [...]

WVU Fraternity Suspended Over Hazing Allegations

A West Virginia University fraternity has been suspended after a pledge received a concussion during an alleged hazing incident. 

Video of Naked Anthony Davis Being Spanked in a Locker Room While At Kentucky Surfaces

This video appears to show a very naked Anthony Davis being spanked by someone wearing blue shorts. It was brought to Deadspin’s attention by a

Cornell University Men’s Lacrosse Team Suspended for Hazing

Bad news for Cornell University's men's lacrosse team. After a team hazing incident in early September, Cornell has suspended its entire men’s lacrosse program for the fall, causing

The Ultimate Guide to Fraternity Risk Management

While fraternity membership isn't a requirement for admittance into the holy pantheon of Bro, we here at BroBible most certainly have a hard-on for Greek

22 Northern Illinois Pi Kappa Alpha Members Charged with Hazing Death

A month ago, Northern Illinois student David Bogenberger died of cardiac arrhythmia after being found with a blood alcohol content five times the legal

Here’s a Photo of Mike Trout Wearing a Diaper

Los Angeles Angels rookie phenom Mike Trout is having one of the finest seasons a player has ever had. He may, in fact, win the

The Minnesota Timberwolves Rookie Hazing Includes Dance-Off

Hazing is alive and well as Timberwolves rookies, Derrick Williams, Malcolm Lee, and Ricky Rubio, are forced to have a dance off after

University of Texas Fraternity Accused of Hazing Pledges with Push-Ups and Sex Shows

Goddamn this brings me back. And it's eerily similar to my pledging experience so I fail to see the problem with any of this. In

Rookie Tim Tebow’s Hazing-Inspired Bad Haircut Might Finally Send Him to a Monastery


You know how much of a Jesus freak Tim Tebow is? His Denver teammates had a little fun with him this week