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Wanna Haze People By Peeing On Them? The Women’s Soccer Team At U. New Mexico Is The Place For You!

Golden showers fo' dayzzzz.

The Indianapolis Colts Also Joined the ‘Hazing With Haircuts’ Party, Their Rookies All Look Ridiculous

Yes, another post about hazing and haircuts

The Kansas State Football Team Hazed These Freshmen By Giving Them Horrifyingly Bad Haircuts

Do you even haze, Bro?

The Redskins Hazed Rookie Kicker Zach Hocker By Giving Him a Horrific Haircut, He Put It On Instagram

Rough hairstyle to walk around town with, looks like he has a fucking beaver pelt placed across the top of his head.

The Ohio State Marching Band Is Filled with Horny College Kids, Has EXTREMELY Vulgar Fight Songs

Think fraternities and sororities are the only ones accused of hazing people on a college campus? Think again!

This Fraternity Hazing Ritual Is Being Blamed For The Death Of A Pi Kappa Phi Pledge At California State

Another day, another story of hazing gone wrong.

University of Tennessee Suspends Fraternity, Because Pouring Hot Sauce on Pledges’ Genitals Is Kind Of Fucked Up

If you thought fraternities at the University of Tennessee couldn't out do butt chugging you were wrong.

Pledge Master Seth Rogen Ups the Ante On Fraternity Hazing

All you frat bros wish Seth Rogen could be your pledge master. Or maybe not...

Rather Than Calling an Ambulance, Fraternity Brothers Googled ‘Head Injury Symptoms’ While a Pledge Was Dying

Back in December, Baruch College student Chun Hsien “Michael” Deng died as a result of a Pi Delta Psi fraternity […]

WVU Fraternity Suspended Over Hazing Allegations

A West Virginia University fraternity has been suspended after a pledge received a concussion during an alleged hazing incident. 

Video of Naked Anthony Davis Being Spanked in a Locker Room While At Kentucky Surfaces

This video appears to show a very naked Anthony Davis being spanked by someone wearing blue shorts. It was brought to Deadspin’s attention by a

Cornell University Men’s Lacrosse Team Suspended for Hazing

Bad news for Cornell University's men's lacrosse team. After a team hazing incident in early September, Cornell has suspended its entire men’s lacrosse program for the fall, causing

The Ultimate Guide to Fraternity Risk Management

While fraternity membership isn't a requirement for admittance into the holy pantheon of Bro, we here at BroBible most certainly have a hard-on for Greek

22 Northern Illinois Pi Kappa Alpha Members Charged with Hazing Death

A month ago, Northern Illinois student David Bogenberger died of cardiac arrhythmia after being found with a blood alcohol content five times the legal limit.

Here’s a Photo of Mike Trout Wearing a Diaper

Los Angeles Angels rookie phenom Mike Trout is having one of the finest seasons a player has ever had. He may, in fact, win the

The Minnesota Timberwolves Rookie Hazing Includes Dance-Off

Hazing is alive and well as Timberwolves rookies, Derrick Williams, Malcolm Lee, and Ricky Rubio, are forced to have a dance off after

University of Texas Fraternity Accused of Hazing Pledges with Push-Ups and Sex Shows

Goddamn this brings me back. And it's eerily similar to my pledging experience so I fail to see the problem with any of this. In

Rookie Tim Tebow’s Hazing-Inspired Bad Haircut Might Finally Send Him to a Monastery

  You know how much of a Jesus freak Tim Tebow is? His Denver teammates had a little fun with him this week and gave him a haircut