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14 Uniquely Hawaiian Ways Hawaiians Are Riding Out Hurricane Iselle and Julio

Mahalo very much, global warming.

Hawaii Cops Are (Kind of Hilariously) Trying to Legalize Their Sex With Prostitutes

Honolulu police officers are urging lawmakers in the state to continue providing legal protection...

Crazed Fan Runs Confronts Hawaii Coach, Is Shoved Away By Players

Dude, what are you doing?

Bro Takes Selfie Minutes After His Plane Crashes Into the Ocean Off Hawaii

Well, this just might be the most insane selfie ever taken. In this Internet currator's eyes, It's right up there with the space walk selfie and the pregnant

A Hawaii State Representative Is Straight Sledgehammering Homeless People’s Shopping Carts

Hawaii: It'd be a pretty great place to live, right? The beaches, the Mai Tais, the lei's. Unfortunately, many people think similarly, only to arrive in the state

West Virginia-Hawaii Women’s Basketball Game Erupts into Brawl

Passions run high when Hawaii and West Virginia get together in women’s basketball. Well, maybe they don’t always – I don’t follow women’s hoops –

Hawaii Bringing Back Rainbow Uniforms Tomorrow

The Hawaii Rainbows—dammit, they are the Warriors now--will wear these awesome retro jerseys tomorrow night against San Diego State. They harken back to a simpler

Cliff Jumping In Hawaii Is More Fun Than Whatever the Hell You’re Doing Right Now

What are you doing right now? Well, besides the obvious, which is looking at a computer or phone. Since all you're looking at some sort

Waves, Paranoia, and Gratuitous Blood Loss: BroBible Goes Surfing In Hawaii

Embarrassing confession: The BroBible staff consists of nothing but a bunch of surfing virgins.

Watch Derek Rabelo, a 19 Year-Old Blind Surfer, Take on Some of Hawaii’s Most Dangerous Waves

What have you done today?

Read Hawaiian Sen. Daniel Inouye’s Badass Medal of Honor Citation from World War II

The world lost a Bro legend today. Long-time Hawaiian Democratic Sen. Daniel Inouye passed away at 88. A veteran of World War II, Sen. Inouye has

New Alana Blanchard Bikini Videos Make Us All Giggly Inside

Because she's really, really hot. Here's the third episode of Network A's "Surfer Girl," featuring our favorite Hawaiian surfer goddess swimming with dolphins in a

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison To Buy 98% of the Hawaiian Island Lanai

I've got to hand it to Larry Ellison, dude knows how to show off his dick. I wish he was buying one more percent, though.

Lance Armstrong Shattered Course Record to Win His Second Half Ironman Triathlon in Two Weeks

Even at 40-years-old, it wouldn't surprise anyone if Lance Armstrong won the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii within the next few years. He's won two, half

The Best 10-Minutes of Surf Action You’ll See Today

What's not to love about this video? First of all, it's filled with babes in skimpy bikinis. Second, there's nearly 10 minutes of incredible surf

After 38 Years, Two Half-Brothers Meet By Chance On Waikiki Beach

This story, via Boston.com, is bar-none the most gushy, feel-good story of the day. But, hey, we're not just YouTube fight videos and hot chick

Cool Footage of Lava Pouring Into a Fissure From the Mt. Kilauea Volcano Eruption in Hawaii

In case you didn't know, Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii is blowing its top. Yesterday the mountain blasted a fountain of lava 80 feet into the