nightmare fuel

Nightmare fuel: Abandoned hospital has a creepy Cabbage Patch Doll premie ward


Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia, which is actually an abandoned medical facility, is a cringe-inducing toy store camouflaged to look like the inside of a sterilized operating room.

list of haunted houses

America’s most terrifying haunted houses


Experts from around the country got together and came up with this rundown of the most horrifying haunted houses in America sure to scare the pants right off your body.

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The top 7 haunted places in America


Lots of people like to go on ghost tours, especially around Halloween.

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The 10 most haunted places in America


As Halloween draws near, shut the lights off, grab your pet, a well-worn blanket, and curl up to read about some of the most spine-tingling and frightening places on Earth.

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