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Star NFL QB Wears Ridiculous Hat, And, Yes, It WAS Tom Brady

Looking great, Tom.

These are the Official New Era Hats This Year’s NFL Draft Picks Will Receive

Not totally disgusting.

Baseball Hat With LCD Screen is Sure Sign the Future is Now

Go Jets! Go Giants! Go Jets!

Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher Tyler Thornburg’s Hat is Bigger Than Your Hat

Big man.

Canada’s Hockey Team Sure Loves Those Foam Curling Hats

Any idiot knows the two most exciting sports in the Winter Olympics are hockey and curling. So it stands to […]

Maurkice and Mike Pouncey Wore ‘Free Hernandez’ Hats For Some Reason

It’s become increasingly important for professional athletes to be stylish. Every postgame press conference has become a chance to showcase the latest trends. Just last

What Your Hat Says About You: From Flat Brims To Fedoras

I’m a big hat guy. I can wear a hat to work, so I just assume do that instead of crisping the lettuce for all

Bro or Not Bro: American Eagle Outfitters’ ‘Bro’ Hat

We're pretty sure we know where 98% of you will stand on this one. Don't kill the messenger, we simply thought it was worth bringing