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This Harvard Rejection Letter To A Kid Who Bullshitted His Way Through An Application Is A Work Of Art

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Every year Harvard University receives thousands of applications, and every year they reject those applications and crush the dreams of thousands of students throughout the country.


Harvard Students Rip Kid A Giant Gaping Email-Induced Butthole After He Bitched About Them Not Having Enough Parties

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College is the time for partying, bad life decisions and a temporary bout of alcoholism that would make even Amy Winehouse blush.

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VIDEO: Watch Sorority Girls SCREAM When Julian Edelman Lifts Up His Shirt At A Harvard Party


Very important update to BroBible's earlier story about members of the Patriots crashing a Harvard Finals Club (a.

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Best College GameDay Signs Week 13 Harvard VS Yale


The College Gameday crew was in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the yearly Harvard-Yale game.


Harvard Bros Prank Yale Again, Get Students To Join Protest Against The Over-Funding Of Yale’s Football Team


Last year, we posted a video of Harvard students who went to Yale and gave prospective students fake, and very shitty, tours of the campus.


Troll Prank Calls C-Span to Wonder Why His Kid Didn’t Get Into Harvard With a Perfect ‘STD’ Score


Glorious troll work here from College Humor's notorious prankster, Ken M.

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Is Boston the Best College Town In the United States?


By shipping up to Boston to rage at Harvard, Boston College, and Boston University, the Bros at I'm Shmacked are making a very convincing argument for Beantown being the best college town in the United States.


Yesterday’s Harvard Bomb Scare Caused by Stressed-Out Student


Dead grandmother, food poisoning, calling in a bomb threat so frightening that the president is briefed: These are the excuses one must make when facing a tough Government 1368 exam.

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Everyone At Harvard Gets an ‘A’


Cue the tiny violins: According to Harvard's dean of undergraduate education, the median grade at the school is now an A-, with the most commonly awarded grade being a straight A.

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