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Harvard University Students Are Having Satanic Rituals Now Like It Ain’t No Thing


Stop What You’re Doing and Watch This High School Girl’s Reaction to Getting Accepted at Harvard


There Are At Least Three Books Made of Human Skin in Harvard’s Library

Truly, Harvard has it all. Prestige. Money. Power. A decent basketball program. Human skin.

Troll Prank Calls C-Span to Wonder Why His Kid Didn’t Get Into Harvard With a Perfect ‘STD’ Score

Glorious troll work here from College Humor's notorious prankster, Ken M. D

Get Hyped For Lax Season With Three Sick Behind-The-Back Goals From Albany’s Miles Thompson (In One Game!)

Poor Jake Gambitsky, Harvard's goalie. He's gonna need to be in therapy for years.

Is Boston the Best College Town In the United States?

By shipping up to Boston to rage at Harvard, Boston College, and Boston University, the Bros at I’m Shmacked are […]

Yesterday’s Harvard Bomb Scare Caused by Stressed-Out Student

Dead grandmother, food poisoning, calling in a bomb threat so frightening that the president is briefed: These are the excuses one must make when facing a

Everyone At Harvard Gets an ‘A’

Cue the tiny violins: According to Harvard's dean of undergraduate education, the median grade at the school is now an A-, with the most commonly

The Harvard Bros Who Pranked Yale Pulled an Even Bigger Prank on HARVARD

Hey Yale people. Wait a minute. What the fuck do you call a person who goes to Yale anyway? Do they even have a mascot?

Harvard Bros Took a Trip to Yale, Posed As Campus Tour Guides, And Gave People TERRIBLE Tours

I have zero affiliation to either school, but working on the Internet for all these years has given me a great appreciation for thoughtful trolling and this

Da’Quan Goes to Harvard, Hilariously Mocks Nerds and Tries to Pick-Up Ivy League Girls

What happens when Da'Quan goes to the world's most prestigious institute of higher education? He gets a crash course in college elitism, distrupting lectures full of Ivy

Harvard’s Freshman Class Is a Bunch of Virgins

Harvard's incoming class of 2017 was asked over the summer to candidly fill out a survey by the Harvard Crimson, and today the paper released

Brandon Spikes is the Proud Owner of an Amazing Harvard Law Shirt

New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes didn’t go to Harvard but he knows a thing or two about brains.

Harvard and MIT’s Incoming Freshmen Classes Are Pranking Each Other Over Facebook

Man, this is nerdy. Funny, but just unapologetically nerdy: Members of MIT's incoming freshman class hacked the unofficial Harvard 2017 website on Saturday, according to

13% of Harvard’s 2013 Graduating Class Had Sex in the Library, Plus More Unsavory Harvard Stats!

Harvard grads... they're just like us! Only with better out-of-college job prospects, salaries, and general life outcomes. But other than that,

How Do You Like Them Apples: Harvard Upsets New Mexico

Harvard won the first NCAA Tournament game in school history last night by shocking New Mexico. The Crimson became the 17th No. 14 seed to

UMass’ Sampson Carter Provides Us With the Best Moment of the Young College Basketball Season

Why is this Tuesday different from all other Tuesdays? Well, because this one gave us a game-winning buzzer-beater before noon.

Harvard Investigating Over 100 Students for Plagiarism

Here's the talk that's all the rage at the squash courts.

Watch Andy Samberg’s Hilarious Commencement Speech at Harvard’s 2012 Class Day

Just like Conan O'Brien and Will Ferrall, SNL alumni Andy Samberg gave a speech at Harvard's annual Class Day. And as to be expected, it

Ted Kaczynski Lists Himself in the Harvard Class of 1962 Alumni Report

Ted Kaczynski, a.k.a. "the Unabomber," is currently serving a life sentence in a Federal Supermax facility in Colorado. That's going to inhibit his plans of

The Men of Harvard Lacrosse: A 20-Minute Documentary

This will get all your laxers fired up. Brooklyn-based filmmaker Drew Innis crafted this beautiful 20-minute documentary about the Harvard Men's Lacrosse Team.

Yale Running Back Deon Randall Might Want to Work on His Chest-Bump Skills…

Today Harvard beat the Yale Bulldogs, 28-21. Before we get to this chest-bump FAIL, let's recap. As usual, there were all sorts of unconventional story