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Wait for it...

These ‘Harry Potter’ Facts Will Make You Believe In Magic

Wanna feel old? The first Harry Potter book was published 17 years ago. Yes, you are officially old.

Watch a Drunk Ron Weasley Wish Harry Potter a Happy Birthday on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

If you've been counting, yesterday was technically Harry Potter's 33rd birthday. Recongizing this, Jimmy Fallon called upon a shit-hammered Ron Weasley to lead the well-wishing

‘Harry Potter’ Author J.K. Rowling Secretly Wrote a Book Under Fake Name This Year

Back in April, a crime novel from first-time author Robert Galbraith was published by a small department of Little, Brown & Co. called Sphere. That book,

29 Things Only ‘Harry Potter’ Fans Can Understand

Including quidditch beer pong and all things Dumbledore...

The Harry Potter Franchise Gets the ‘Honest Trailer’ Treatment

Maybe this so-called wizarding world isn't so magical after all...

Introducing the New Meme: ‘Pottering’

You've seen "Vadering." You've seen "Hadoukening," which ruled. Now, get a load of "Pottering," or tucking a broom between your legs and jumping in the

Gallery: One Last Look at Hot Women in Harry Potter Costumes

With the final installment of the "Harry Potter" movie series hitting theaters last night at midnight — and already breaking box office records —

VIDEO: This Girl Really Needs to Talk with Dumbledore

We first knew this video would be golden when the loyal BroBible reader who posted it on YouTube offered this description: "I was at a