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This Harlem Shake Wedding Vid Will Make You Forget How Sick You Were Of Harlem Shakes

I'm assuming their first dance was Gangnam Style.

High School Teacher Fired for Participating in Incredibly Lame Harlem Shake Video

I can’t believe I’m defending the Harlem Shake, but this seems pretty unfair. It’s 46 seconds out of the school day, for Chrissakes. Now, if

Les Miles Leads LSU Football Team in Groundbreaking ‘Harlem Shake’ Dance Thing

Up next: Les Miles and the LSU football team do the Macarena.

Nebraska’s Football Team Did the Harlem Shake

Goddammit it. I don’t hate this one either.

What the Hell Was JaVale McGee Doing Last Night?

The Harlem Shake. He was doing the Harlem Shake with his Denver Nuggets teammates. Because of course he was.