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Bro Uses 2,000 iPhones as Dominos to Spell Out ‘Happy Holidays’

OK, setting up 2,000 iPhone 5s and using them for a giant holiday dominos display is pretty awesome. BUT: Who has 2,000 unopened iPhones? Where

Things Everyone Hates About Christmas and New Years

I don't hate the holiday season. If I were to give it a score out of 10 it'd register around maybe a 5, tying with

‘Scary Snowman Prank’ Features a Real-Live Frosty, and It’s Really Just Too Funny

"Happy Holidays" gets a heart-stopping twist. 

‘Yo Mamma So Fat, She Tried to Steal Half of TJ Maxx in Her Stomach Rolls!’

... And got caught! Zing. Holiday shopping really does bring out the most repulsively obese people on the planet worst in everyone. And this is