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Bob Barker Says He Can Still Kick Adam Sandler’s Ass

The price is still wrong, bitch... 

Here’s a Delightful Collection of Pro Golfers Swinging Like Happy Gilmore

The real amazing feat is Phil Mickelson managing to make contact with a right-handed club.

Bubba Watson Went Happy Gilmore on the First Tee of the Ryder Cup Today

This rules.

How We Can Get ‘Our Boy’ Adam Sandler Back on Track

Andy Moore: Adam Sandler's latest flick, "That's My Boy," came out today. This is an important movie for a couple of reasons: One, it's Sandler's first

‘You Son of a B*tch’ the Supercut

Everyone loves a good supercut. They are, after all, super. This one that mashes together all the best sons of b*tches in movie