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Hannah Davis Is SMOLDERING In These New Bikini Shots

Hannah Davis, a beach, and Luli Fama Bikinis.

You Need No More than Olympians and Singles in This Week’s Hottie Index

Friday marked the beginning of the Olympics, which means loads of tape-delayed coverage on NBC while we all read live […]

Hannah Davis Models Luli Fama and She Looks HORRIBLE (Kidding)

Direct TV genie and Derek Jeter honey Hannah Davis can model a Luli Fama bikini! Here, look.

Hannah Davis in a Tiny Bikini Proves Derek Jeter is a Very Lucky Man

For their 2014 line, Luli Fama hired Sports Illustrated hotties Hannah Davis and Xenia Deli—who we've featured a lot around these parts—to look awesome on a beach.

Hannah Davis in an American Flag Bikini to Kick Off Memorial Day Weekend? Okay

It's Memorial Day weekend, bros. What's more American than Derek Jeter's girlfriend, Sports Illustrated rookie Hannah Davis, in a stars-and-stripes bikini?

Derek Jeter’s New Girlfriend Hannah Davis is about as Hot as You’d Expect

While Derek Jeter is not the best at reading lines for car commercials, the man does know how to find new women. Hot, hot women.