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This Is Hands Down the Worst Way to Be Woken Up After a Night of Drinking

Worse than any alarm clock I've ever owned.

Why You Should Save Your Hangovers For Weekdays

Think about it.

FINALLY, There’s A Cure For Hangovers…But It Costs $250

Because H20 + Advil isn't cheaper or anything.

Hangover Cures: A Guide in 81 Seconds

Hangover cures are a dime-a-dozen, so it's impossible to know which ones actually work.

Infographic: The Weirdest Hangover Cures Around the World

Amazingly, no country suggested not drinking.

13 Hangover Confessions We Know All Too Well and Appreciate

Hangovers suck (especially on work days), but it's nothing a well-seasoned Bro can't power through.

A Bro Got Drunk For Seven Straight Days to Test Hangover Cures

Not a bad gig, if you can find it.

This Chart Shows When People Were The Most Hungover in 2013

When were we bitching about our hangovers last year?

Screwing With Your Smartphone Before Bed Can Give You a Hangover

Every day, another story pops up about how awful smartphones are for people. Here is another one.

7 Types of Hangovers You WiIl Have on New Years Day

If you went out last night, chances are high that you're feeling one of these today. 

Are You Ready for Alcohol Without Hangovers?

Scientists say alcohol is "toxic" and particularly "corroding" to the liver, heart and brain, which is why you feel like a "bag of smashed assholes"

Researchers Have Finally Discovered the Best Hangover Cure. Guess What It Is?

Blue Gatorade? NOPE! Dunkin Donuts bacon, egg, and cheese? NOPE! Bananas? NOPE! Coffee? NOPE! More booze? Uh... 

The Worst Hangover Breakfast Ever

Everything hurts. Your head pounds, rattling erratically and aggressively like a moon bounce that’s full of fat women and dogs (for some reason). True to

4 Foolproof Ways To Beat Your Hangover

As aging young adults, there are a lot of things that come with growing up that we can avoid. We can put off being mature.

Top 5 Hangovers Likely To End Up In Projectile Vomiting

#6: The dreaded work hangover.... 

The 5 Types of Hangovers You’ll Get In College

It's no secret that hangovers are one of the defining aspects of the collegiate experience.  The law is

10 Really Weird Hangover Cures

"How to cure a hangover?" is an age old question. One that plenty of people look up each day as they try to pull their

Every Single Hungover Conversation Ever

This week on Life According To Jimmy, Jimmy Tatro tackles every single hungover conversation ever. I dunno though, pretty sure these dudes are in the

Does Your School Have a Delectable, Cant-Miss Hungover Breakfast Spot? We Want to Know!

There aren't many thing Bros love more than a hungover meal that hits the spot. With this in mind, weve decided to embark on a

10 Ways to Make It Through the Work Day With A Hangover

We’ve all been there: The dreaded hangover. That’s not the worst part...it’s a Wednesday and you have to head into work. No pot smoking, Chinese

Did You Know That the Very First Super Bowl Touchdown Was Scored by a Deeply Hungover Player?

Ignore literally everything that has been said or will be said at today's profoundly unimportant Media Day. This is the one Super Bowl story you

Charles, Your Hangover: A Short Film About Going to Work Hungover

Is there anything more ruthless than a vicious hangover at work?  

5 Ways to Be ‘Productive’ While Hungover on a Saturday

You may be thinking, why be productive when you could just do jack sh*t all day? Exactly.

The 10 Stages of a Hangover

We had a team outing last night and we're pretty hungover today. This video (though not really funny) accurately describe what we're going through. Hey,

Robin Williams in ‘Good Will Hunting,’ Plus Your Best Links of the Day

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Eat Eggs and Bananas for Breakfast, Plus Other Scientific Ways to Avoid Hangovers

Everyone has his own hangover cure, but not every cure is backed up by science. Luckily, the guys from AsapSCIENCE are here to help, with

Guy Goes Rock Climbing Hungover, Ends Up Puking Mid-Climb and Defecating His Pants

A little old, but this is one of those YouTube gems that deserves more views, damnit. The absurdity of the situation is ridiculous: