What It’s Like Coming Home From Vegas After Partying Your Face Off, By Jimmy Tatro


If you're coming home from Vegas and your brain is functional, you did Vegas wrong.


10 Awful Work Hangover Stories That Will Make You Rethink Ever Going To Work Drunk Again

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Hangovers are awful but hangovers at work are next-level awful.


Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Hangovers — Including How To Prevent Them


Imagine how much more people would drink if hangovers didn't exist.


How To Handle Being Hungover In Public


We all hate people all the time, but especially when hungover.


5 Most Hungover Days Of The Year


In Mexico and in other parts of the world, the Day of the Dead celebration is a nationally observed holiday where people father to pray and remember friends and family members who have died.


Today’s Worst Hangover Belongs To The Kid Who Barfed In The Middle Of Class Right After ‘Jagermeister’ Was Mentioned


Out of all the hangovers I had in college, the worst one was when I had blacked out off of cranberry vodka’s on a Tuesday night, then had to take a Plan Sciences midterm the next morning.

what causes hangovers

We may now FINALLY know what causes those dreaded hangovers


Hangovers have been the bane of our existence for years and now, thanks to someone way smarter than us, we may FINALLY know what causes this scourge.

how to attract women

How your hangover can make you more attractive to girls


So you were the life of the party last night, but now you feel like death.


5 things to assess when you wake up hungover someplace weird


Some mornings after partying, you wake up at home.

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