How To Handle Being Hungover In Public


We all hate people all the time, but especially when hungover.


Hangover Cures: A Guide in 81 Seconds


Hangover cures are a dime-a-dozen, so it's impossible to know which ones actually work.

how to prevent a hangover

I drank for 12 hours and woke up hangover-free, you’ll never believe how


Like most guys, I'm very skeptical of any company saying they can cure or prevent a hangover.

my drunk kitchen

29 misconceptions about alcohol


Mental Floss remains one of the best informative YouTube channels out there, and today they take on 29 misconceptions about alcohol.


9 stages of a hangover


When we're hungover, we may not realize it, but we go through a few different stages.

Sprite Hangover Cure

Sprite may be the best hangover cure, Chinese researchers say


A group of Chinese researchers say that they may have indeed found this perfect hangover cure -- and it goes by the name of "Sprite.

how to get rid of a hangover

Blowfish is a hangover pill that actually works


Packaged hangover remedies typically require you to not get a hangover in order to be effective.

Hangover Helpers

The Only 5-Step Hangover Cure You’ll Ever Need


How many hangovers did you have this weekend.

Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis Tells the Story Behind Why He Quit Drinking


Zach Galifianakis is still on his Hangover promotional tour and last night he finally landed on Conan.

the hangover iii

11 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘The Hangover’


There are some things Bros disagree on: Sperrys or Docksiders.


The 25 best college hangover breakfast spots in the country


There aren't many things that we love more than a hangover meal that hits the spot.

the hangover 3

First TV spot for ‘The Hangover 3′ is girafferrific


The first of far too many TV spots for The Hangover 3 has arrived.

the hangover iii

Watch the Hilarious Official Trailer for ‘The Hangover III’


Hot and fresh out the kitchen: It's the first look at "The Hangover Part III.

what causes a hangover

Liquid vitamins are the newest way to prevent a hangover


Everyone wants to find a way to cure a hangover, but a new water additive called Vitamin Squeeze may be the key to avoiding one in the first place.

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