scariest haunted houses

7 ‘Killer’ Haunted Houses Guaranteed To Scare The Piss Out Of You This Halloween


The Halloween season comes to us with promises of screams, suspense and scares and nothing delivers them in quite the way that a great haunted house does.


This Friday The 13th Prank Is An Excellent Way To Give A Fisherman A Heart Attack


Halloween's just around the corner and the prank videos are flowing like the salmon of Capistrano.


A Man Carved Rory McIlroy’s Face Into A Pumpkin. Well, Sort Of.


I don't know who this pumpkin actually looks like, but it's certainly not Rory McIlroy.

brobible podcast

The BroBible Podcast: How Terrified Would You Be To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ And The Worst Things People Do On Halloween


In this week's episode of The BroBible Podcast, Chris admits that his body has turned against him, Kyle breaks into hives over a hypothetical Saturday Night Live hosting gig and the boys give some helpful last-minute Halloween costume tips.


Does Murdering People With A Chainsaw And Scaring Bystanders Sound Like Fun? Then This Prank Video Is For You


Just in time to get you in the spirit of Halloween is this prank video where some dude runs around with a bloody chainsaw chasing this other guy who has his intestines trailing out behind him.


The Entire ‘Halloween’ Series Of Movies Condensed Down To Two Minutes


There have been 10 Halloween movies, including the inexplicable Halloween 3 and the two abysmal Rob Zombie reboot efforts, and since it is the season there's a good likelihood that any or all of these will be appearing on your TV at some point between now and October 31st.

tom brady

Check Out How Smug This Tom Brady Pumpkin Looks


First and foremost, congratulations to the artist behind this artistic masterpiece.

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