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Epic Video of Hot College Girls Getting Shmacked at Florida State on Halloween

Finally... A new I'm Shmacked video! It doesn't disappoint, either, considering that there's HOT. GIRLS. EVERYWHERE. I've died and gone to ratchet hot girl heaven and it's

Washington University Bros Dress as Osama Bin Laden and Seal Team 6 for Halloween, Outrage Ensues

This past Halloween, as we learned once again, pretty much impossible to dress as something that can be viewed as slightly controversial without pissing someone off.

‘I Ate All Your Halloween Candy’: Jimmy Kimmel Gets Parents to Pull Famous Prank on Their Kids Again

Jimmy Kimmel has gone to the prank-kids-on-Halloween well yet again. For the third year in a row he asked parents to tell their own children

Katy Perry Went as Justin Bieber For Halloween

I can think of one way to make Justin Bieber better. 

Is This Boston Marathon Bombing Costume Worse Than The George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin One?

Last week brought us the two geniuses who dressed as George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

The Five Levels Of Slutty Halloween — His And Her POV

Some girls just put on a headdress and think that they’re covered for the entire holiday. Newsflash, ladies, we notice your lack of effort and

Joakim Noah Has a Pumpkin for a Head

There are only a few hours left until Halloween is over and we have to find new things to post on this website. Until then,

Jenn Sterger Dressed as Kitana From ‘Mortal Kombat’ For Halloween, Boobs Were Everywhere

Haven't heard the name Jenn Sterger in a while. We miss you, Jenn! Come back and make videos for us. Meanwhile, she just owned Halloween

The Official Do’s and Don’t's of Halloween 2013

Don’t be the government shutdown. Don’t be the nonfunctioning healthcare website. Don’t be Syria. No one will take shots with you, they just won’t.

Here’s a Timely Supercut of Horror Movie Monsters Sneaking Up on People

Has any household item been ruined more by horror movies than the medicine cabinet? You can't open a cabinet, grab your toothpaste, then close it without knowing

10 Scary Movies That Would Actually Terrify Me

In October of 2013, one junior-level employee was given leadership responsbilities on the Henderson account... A year later his work was found. "The Blair Witch

33 Most Offensive Halloween Costumes on Instagram

Things are getting out of control this year. And it's not just blackface... 

Miley Cyrus Went as Lil’ Kim for Halloween

I’m starting to get a strong suspicion Miley Cyrus is a young woman embracing her sexuality. It took a bit to come to this conclusion

Do Halloween RIGHT with BroBible’s Official Holiday Power Hour

No tricks, just a treat: Tim Gunter—who held down BroBible this May thru August with his Summer Mix series—is BACK with an exclusive power hour

The Oklahoma Football Team Loves Halloween

It’s not the San Diego State baseball game or anything, but Oklahoma’s football practice yesterday was fairly haunting. Pretty much everyone associated with the team

Miley Cyrus Dresses as Her Old Self for Halloween, Made Some Explict Pumpkin Carvings

Judging by my Facebook newsfeed, dressing as Miley Cyrus is pretty damn cliche this year. Miley Cyrus, however, is self aware enough to realize that, so

7 Costumes to Really Scare Twenty-Somethings This Halloween

This Halloween, scare the shit out of your friends by dressing like a 401k plan... 

ESPN’s Samantha Ponder Dressed As Wendy Peffercorn Will Make You Want Mouth-to-Mouth

ESPN College Gameday's Sam Ponder a.k.a. Samantha Steele a.k.a. Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder's really hot wife had quite an excellent Wendy Peffercorn Halloween costume. Her hubby played

Alex Morgan Dressed As Miley Cyrus and Twerked On Sydney Leroux for Halloween

Last year Alex Morgan awesomely dressed as Team USA gymnst Mckayla Maroney for Halloween. This year America's most beloved soccer star teamed up with her pal

San Diego State’s Halloween Costume Baseball Game Looks Hilarious

The San Diego State baseball team held its third annual Halloween game on Sunday and the footage is downright delightful. Watching a bunch of dudes

22 Truly Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas

Feeling lazy this year? Think your laziness will still yet you laid by some girl who was just as lazy to go as a "slutty"

Hugh Hefner and His Wife Dressed as Miley Cyrus Twerking on Robin Thicke for Halloween

Oh sure, it's a lame, overdone Halloween costume this year. But that's not the point. Hugh Hefner is 87-years-old and still a boss. No one does Halloween

15 Perfect Sports Halloween Costume Ideas

Just be honest, Bros: You know at least ONE person going as either Johnny Manziel or shirtless Gronk this year... 

LeBron James Pulled the Perfect Halloween Prank on His Father-In-Law

It's not like we know that much about marriage, but this seems like a brave thing to do to your father-in-law, LeBron.... 

Texastrophe is Back With Hilarious Halloween-Themed Pranks

Textastrophe, America's favorite Craigslist-pranking Tumblr, is back in time for the Halloween season. 

Allow the Dallas Mavericks to Wish You a Happy Halloween

Do you like doing drugs but hate how much it costs to obtain them? Well, this video is for you. It will make your mind

This Year’s Most Epic Halloween Prank Involves a Helicopter and Reaper Costume

See that up there? That's a reaper chasing down two terrified joggers. This Halloween prank—accomplished by attaching a terrifying ghoul costume to a remote controlled

55 More Clever Halloween Costumes, For the Uninspired

Don't go as Miley Cyrus this year, y'all.

6 Costumes That’ll Get You Laid on Halloween

When you were younger, people wouldn't give you Halloween candy unless you wore a costume. Now that you're grown up, the ladies won't hook up

Terrifying Video of Ghost Caught on Camera at Insane Asylum

An undeniable sighting, caught on camera, of a ghost at a haunted insane asylum in Haverstraw, NY. 

10 Famous People Who Have Seen Ghosts

Well, we should add ALLEGEDLY seen ghosts, because ghosts aren't real. But still... Ke$ha has definitely banged one. 

BroBible’s 15 Best Halloween Costumes for 2013

What should you wear for Halloween in 2013? Easy, bro: Whatever you want. Dress in a $5,000 Master Chief suit. Dress as a ghost with a

Halloween Costumes for Girls You Won’t Believe Exist

If you wear a so-called "sexy" Bert and Ernie halloween costume, I question you and your friend's sanity. 

I’m Shmacked x Arizona State University, Halloween Weekend


Female Duke Lacrosse Player Goes ‘Blackface’ on Halloween, Photo Naturally Lands on Team’s Website

I was about to give her the benefit of the doubt, and argue that perhaps her costume required a black face but had nothing to

Scenes from UNC Charlotte’s Chi Phi Monster Mash 2012

Have an awesome college party video? Remember to send it to BroBible. After the jump, check out a video recap from Chi Phi's 2012 Monster Mash

Halloween’s Hottest Hotties Headline This Week’s Hottie Index

Oh, Halloween… It’s the best holiday of the year for guys because girls dress up like whores because everyone else does. As long as you

35 More Pics from our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest

We're still taking submissions for our 2012 Halloween Costume contest. You know the drill by now. Here's 35 more submissions from our readers. Keep the

Man Carves Pumpkin Into a Fully-Functional Game of Tetris, Wins Halloween

With the stem as it's joystick, this Tetris pumpkin -- that really does allow you to play Tetris -- just changed the jack-o-lantern game into

Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick Went as John and Lorena Bobbit for Halloween

Poor Andy. This year for Halloween, Brooklyn Decker and her husband, Andy Roddick, dressed as the most infamous couple from the 1990s: John and Lorena