The Entire Internet Is In Love With This Hot Amputee With A Badass ‘Army of Darkness’ Halloween Costume


Last year Redditor aannggeellll won the hearts and minds of the Internet with her awesome AMA titled "IamA Amputee girl with "bionic arm" and bow.

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The 101 Hottest Celebrity Instagram Pictures This Week: Halloween Edition


Very few people love to use Instagram more than celebrities.

colorado state university

Colorado State Student Allegedly Took Molly, Immediately Has A Seizure, Steals An Ambulance And Jerks Off In A Police Station

By | 10 Comments

I get really annoyed with news stories that imply taking certain drugs made people go bonkers, like this story out of Fort Collins, Colorado, about Colorado State Student Stefan Sortland who allegedly took molly and snorted some coke before going to a Halloween concert…and then went and wrecked shit around town.


Baltimore Bro Dressed As Forest Gump Runs Through Fells Point Yelling For Jenny

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Just some classic Halloween drunken shenanigans from a Baltimore Bro hittin' the bars in Fells Point, sent to us by a tipster.


I Love This Fraternity’s Snapchat Pic Of Their Front Porch After A Halloween Party


I don't know where this Snapchat aftermath pic of a Sigma Nu Halloween rager is from, but bravo.


The Luckiest Kid In The World Got Meth Instead Of Candy For Halloween Until Her Buzzkill Parents Took It Away


Nothing says “Halloween” to me like “Oh hey look there’s a bag of meth in my candy sack,” just like how I consider the holiday season to be synonymous with finding used heroin needles in my stocking come Christmas morning.


Sara Jean Underwood Spent Halloween In A Bikini, Dressed Up As A Sexy Zombie


Any time 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood puts on a bikini it's cause for celebration.


Nikki Bella Dressed As ‘Tits McGee’ For Halloween But It’s Not What You Think


Just like every other couple on Earth, John Cena and Nikki Bella dressed up for Halloween.

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Ignore All Other Weathermen, This Weatherman Has The Best Halloween Costume


  A few hours ago one of my co-workers posted some outstanding weathermen Halloween costumes.

halloween costumes

Shut It Down, This Weatherman Just Won Halloween With His Ingenious Costume


This weatherman in Iowa used the green screen technology of his job to create perhaps the best Halloween costume of 2014.


April Summers Made A Short Horror Film That Ends With Her in Her Underwear

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Our favorite British beauty April Summers didn't want to just settle for putting on some dumb costume, hell nah, she went ahead and made a whole freaking short film.

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Bill Belichick Has OPINIONS ON Mike Golic’s Bill Belichick Halloween Costume


Mike Golic of The Mike and Mike Show threw a hoodie on to dress up as Bill Belichick for Halloween this morning.

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