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Happy GIFs of NFL Cheerleaders in Halloween Costumes Day!

We will be updating this page as they come, so be sure to check back. 

Stephen Colbert Ripped Apart Matt Lauer’s Unholy Baywatch Halloween Costume

The moment I saw Matt Lauer dressed as a female Baywatch lifeguard, I yanked the remote out of my lady's hands and changed the channel.

Is This The Most Horrifying Halloween Makeup Ever?


The Five Levels Of Slutty Halloween — His And Her POV

Some girls just put on a headdress and think that they’re covered for the entire holiday. Newsflash, ladies, we notice your lack of effort and

Jenn Sterger Dressed as Kitana From ‘Mortal Kombat’ For Halloween, Boobs Were Everywhere

Haven't heard the name Jenn Sterger in a while. We miss you, Jenn! Come back and make videos for us. Meanwhile, she just owned Halloween

33 Most Offensive Halloween Costumes on Instagram

Things are getting out of control this year. And it's not just blackface... 

Miley Cyrus Dresses as Her Old Self for Halloween, Made Some Explict Pumpkin Carvings

Judging by my Facebook newsfeed, dressing as Miley Cyrus is pretty damn cliche this year. Miley Cyrus, however, is self aware enough to realize that, so

Alex Morgan Dressed As Miley Cyrus and Twerked On Sydney Leroux for Halloween

Last year Alex Morgan awesomely dressed as Team USA gymnst Mckayla Maroney for Halloween. This year America's most beloved soccer star teamed up with her pal

22 Truly Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas

Feeling lazy this year? Think your laziness will still yet you laid by some girl who was just as lazy to go as a "slutty"

Serge Ibaka’s ‘Coming to America’ Halloween Costume Was Awesome

Bros, Serge Ibaka has set the early standard for Halloween costumes this year with this effort. For those of you too young to appreciate this,

6 Costumes That’ll Get You Laid on Halloween

When you were younger, people wouldn't give you Halloween candy unless you wore a costume. Now that you're grown up, the ladies won't hook up

40 Kick-Ass Halloween Costume Ideas

Anyone dressing up like a beer pong champ this year? 

BroBible’s 15 Best Halloween Costumes for 2013

What should you wear for Halloween in 2013? Easy, bro: Whatever you want. Dress in a $5,000 Master Chief suit. Dress as a ghost with a

Halloween Costumes for Girls You Won’t Believe Exist

If you wear a so-called "sexy" Bert and Ernie halloween costume, I question you and your friend's sanity. 

35 More Pics from our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest

We're still taking submissions for our 2012 Halloween Costume contest. You know the drill by now. Here's 35 more submissions from our readers. Keep the

Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick Went as John and Lorena Bobbit for Halloween

Poor Andy. This year for Halloween, Brooklyn Decker and her husband, Andy Roddick, dressed as the most infamous couple from the 1990s: John and Lorena

Chris Brown and His Friends Dressed Up As Terrorists For Halloween

This is so Chris Brown of him it makes me sick. But I have to say, I admire his stick-to-itiveness to try to win us

Next Year I’m Going as a Sext for Halloween and Even More Epic Halloween Costumes, PlusToday’s Fix

Brilliant! A few more super creative and Internet-y Halloween costumes after the click. Remember to enter our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest if you happen to

35 More 2012 Halloween Contest Submissions

35 more Halloween costumes for your amusement coming right at ya. If you missed the first batch of 40 costumes, check them out right here.

40 of Your 2012 Halloween Costume Submissions

Happy, All Hallows Eve, friends. We've received a ton of funny and original costume submissions from you guys over the past few days, and we're

Drunk ‘Ghostbuster’ Does Back Flip Off Police Cruiser, Lands in Drunk Tank

Look, if you can do a standing backflip, you need to pick appropriate times and places to unleash such a trick. While the night of

Sports Stars in Halloween Costumes, 10 Reasons to Hate David Stern, and More Weekend Sports Links

Hurricaned in or not, your weekend sports fix has made it's landfall. Hunker down with the latest and greatest sport content around the web.   

The Ultimate Guide to College Girl and Guy Halloween Costumes of Recent Years Past

Great news, guys and gals: This weekend is Halloween! After months of waiting, college guys around the country can finally dress up as their favorite

The 20 Best Halloween Costumes for 2012

It’s almost Halloween, the magical time of the year when kids gorge on enough candy to keel over a diabetic, and you get to ogle

Does the Desire to Sleep With Other Chicks Ever Go Away? Plus Two Halloween Costume Ideas

Submit your Ask a Bro questions here.

How to Make a Ridiculous Halloween Costume with an iPhone

Have a new iPhone 5 but no ideas for how to incorporate it into your Halloween costume? Amatuer. Meet the "iWound," an app for creating

Jimmer Fredette Was a Submissive Dog for Halloween

Halloween is long in the rear-view mirror, but we can't help posting this embarrassing photo of Sacramento Kings guard Jimmer Fredette dressed as one of

Our Final Batch of Halloween Costume Submissions (91 Photos)

O.K., so we're more than a week after Halloween, but we couldn't not post every last costume that you guys sent in, especially since

Here Are 72 More of Your Halloween Costume Submissions!

Here's batch #2 of your Halloween costume submissions. Seal Team 6, Keith Stone, and the Anchorman team did very well this year. We'll accept

Check Out Our First 50 Halloween Costume Submissions and Send In Yours Now!

Here's our first batch of Halloween Costumes that you all sent in. Some really great ones so far. The one above isn't actually an

PSA: Kate Upton Is a Bottle of Tabasco Sauce for Halloween

Now you know.

This Guy Used Two iPads and FaceTime to Create a Kick-Ass Halloween Costume

Need a kick-ass last minute Halloween costume? Have two iPad 2s with Facetime handy? Wifi? Boom. You're in business, you lazy procrastinator. Sure,

Rob Gronkowski’s Younger Brother Dresses Up As His Older Brother For Halloween

Glenn Gronkowski, the younger brother of Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski, had an ingenuis Halloween costume: Going as his older brother's now-infamous Twitpic with adult entertainment

12 Must-Follow Rules for Halloween Costumes and Partying

Halloween parties get into full swing tonight and Bros everywhere are likely scrambling for a last-minute costume. While we're not going to suggest specific costumes

Here’s a Nine-Year-Old Kid Dressed Up as Deadmau5 for His School’s Halloween Dance

Writes Redditor n8r0n: "My 9 year old son wanted to be Deadmau5 for his school halloween dance. This was the result/reaction..." Pretty Brotastic

What Will Be the Big Halloween Costume of 2011?

Two years ago it was the guys from "The Hangover." Last year, the Chilean miners and Brett Favre (and his c*ck) were the stars. What

Candice Swanepoel In Costume As a Sexy Cop, Sailor, Casino Dealer, and Beyond

As you'll recall, last October Candice Swanepoel made us drool by modeling Victoria Secret's sexy nurse, sailor, cowgirl, maid, and flight attendant Halloween costumes.

Vote on Your Favorite Bro and Babe Halloween Costumes!

O.K., it's time to vote for your favorite Halloween costume! We received more than 100 submissions and after intense deliberation in the office (seriously), we

The Hottest Girls in BroBible’s Halloween Costume Contest

We're winding down on the Halloween Costume Contest entries, so how about a round-up of the hottest girls who have sent in their photos? Above

Georgia Tech QB Coach’s Smoke-Show Wife Melanie Bohannon Dresses as Erin Andrews for Halloween

Over the weekend I must have met at least three sports broadcasting majors at Penn State who claimed they want to be the next