The Stanley Hotel

Uh oh, the real hotel from ‘The Shining’ is digging up its pet cemetery


No joke, The Stanley Hotel, that terrifying hotel that served as inspiration for Stephen King's The Shining, is digging up its historic pet cemetery to make room for a new pavilion.

October 31

6 surprising things you didn’t know happened on Halloween


You wearing your "best costume ever" isn't the only interesting thing that has happened on Halloween.

Weird Denver

America’s 13 best haunted houses


Haunted houses are no longer just for Halloween, many can now be run successfully all year-round.

Weird Halloween Products

37 Halloween products and ideas that are beyond weird


Halloween is the one night of the year when weirdness rules, and if you're one of those people who start preparing for it by Labor Day, here's everything you need for the weirdest Halloween ever.

halloween trivia

30 fascinating facts about Halloween


It’s never too early to start impressing your friends with your keen knowledge of Halloween.

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