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The Indianapolis Colts Also Joined the ‘Hazing With Haircuts’ Party, Their Rookies All Look Ridiculous

Yes, another post about hazing and haircuts

Taxi Driver at Wimbledon Has an Amazing Tennis Ball Haircut

A perfectly reasonable haircut.

New York Rangers Fan Gets Rick Nash Tribute Shaved into His Head, Wins Playoff Tickets

Nice hair.

It Cost $833.75 to Cut Kobe Bryant’s Bald Head For Some Reason

Kobe Bryant might not play again this season, but he’s Kobe Bryant, so let’s find a reason to discuss the Black Mamba. How about the

Bros: Jennifer Lawrence Cut Her Hair…. Is She Still Hot?

Bad day for guys who like chicks with long hair and great day for those who like ladies with short hair: The most loveable starlet

Here’s an Incredibly Complex Robert Griffin III Haircut

Robert Griffin III’s return to the Washington Redskins hasn’t been the feel-good story many were expecting. The team sits at 1-3 and Griffin appears to

San Antonio Spurs Fan Shaves Manu Ginobili’s Face Into Hair for Some Reason

I have mixed opinions about this fella. Yeah, it’s pretty goddamn impressive to dedicate the back of your head to the third-best player on your

Amir Johnson Has an Insane Toronto Raptors-Themed Haircut

Amir Johnson is on the Toronto Raptors. Amir Johnson is REALLY PROUD to be on the Toronto Raptors.

A Flying Tomato No More: Watch Shaun White Get All His Trademark Hair Cut Off

Say it aint' so....

Start Your Day With This Photo of a Haircut That Looks Like James Harden

Let’s be honest here. There is no reason any man should get a haircut that looks like James Harden and yet … here is hard

Miley Cyrus Has a Shocking New Haircut

Over the past couple years, Miley Cyrus matured into quite a hot young lady. However, she may have undone all that hard work yesterday.

Guy Shaves Portraits of Michael Jordan Into His Head

Forget the Jumpman logo, this dude took out his nutsack and put his balls right on the wall with two lifelike portraits of

The 25 Hottest Actresses and Singers with Really Short Hair

  Earlier today, Emma Watson — aka Hermione from the "Harry Potter" movies — was a top trending topic on Twitter. I clicked on her name