selena gomez

Can We Talk About How Hot Selena Gomez’s New Haircut Is?


Instagram Selena Gomez just got bangs, then posted about them on Instagram.

college football

Nevada Defensive End Has The Best Haircut And Golf Cart In College Football


Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is that one hell of a fucking creation living on the top of  Brock Hekking's head.


It Cost $833.75 to Cut Kobe Bryant’s Bald Head For Some Reason


Kobe Bryant might not play again this season, but he’s Kobe Bryant, so let’s find a reason to discuss the Black Mamba.

Jennifer Lawrence

Bros: Jennifer Lawrence Cut Her Hair…. Is She Still Hot?


Bad day for guys who like chicks with long hair and great day for those who like ladies with short hair: The most loveable starlet on the planet, Jennifer Lawrence, chopped off her locks.

Washington Redskins

Here’s an Incredibly Complex Robert Griffin III Haircut


Robert Griffin III’s return to the Washington Redskins hasn’t been the feel-good story many were expecting.

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