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Jose Reyes’ New Hairstyle is Probably Won’t Catch On

What is that thing?

The Hottest Male Summer Fashion Trend Is the Chest Hair Bikini

A a man, chest hair is nothing to be ashamed of.

Here’s Argentina Forward Rodrigo Palacio’s Rat Tail Swinging in Glorious Slow-Motion

Look at this thing.

Neymar, The Most Beloved Player at the World Cup, Risks It All By Frosting His Tips


Is Rihanna’s Pink Hair Doing Anything for You?

Think pink.

Columbus Crew Striker Dominic Oduro Has an Awesome Pizza-Inspired Haircut

Nice 'do.

World’s Best Hockey Announcer Ranks the Best Hair on the 2014 Minnesota All-Hockey Team

Here at BroBible, we're passionate connoisseurs of flow of all shapes and sizes: Lax bro flow, hockey hair, face salad. It's one of the distinct

Unfortunate Child Has World’s Worst Jumpman Logo Shaved Into His Head

Hang in there, buddy. Things are going to get better.

Hanley Ramirez’s New Hairstyle is Something to Behold

For some reason, this picture made us laugh. The reason might be how ridiculous Hanley Ramirez's hair now looks. There's a good reason the John Travolta

Kenny Stills’ Haircut is Confusing

One of the perks of being a professional athlete is that you can look as ridiculous as you want as long as the on-field performance

Here’s Guy Fieri Drunkenly Kicking His Hairdresser

Boy. It has been some week for Guy Fieri. 

Tampa Bay Rays OF Luke Scott Has a Blue Rat Tail

Luke Scott is a dude who marches to the beat of his own drummer. And his drummer is playing a very unique syncopated rhythm.

Lucas Noguiera Gets Drafted, Has a Really Hard Time Putting His Hat On

The highlight of last night’s NBA Draft was quite clearly Brazilian Lucas Nogueira attempting to put a Boston Celtics hat atop his afro after he

Tim Duncan Miraculously Cured Manu Ginobili’s Balding Problem

Tim Duncan gave hope to men everywhere last night by regenerating hair on the top of Manu Ginobili’s head. His miracle treatment promises to revolutionize

Jared Allen’s Mullet Has Returned

Jared Allen is bringing sexy back. The Minnesota Vikings defensive end became famous for his incredible mullet and sacking skills before abandoning his look in

The Los Angeles Kings are Stanley Cup Champions, So this Woman Can Shave Her Armpits

What you’re looking at here is a woman with a tattoo of former Los Angeles Kings star Luc Robtaille on her armpit. That unsightly hair

Middle Schooler Suspended for Having the Greatest Haircut Ever

Patrick Gonzales is a middle schooler in San Antonio. He also has the greatest haircut in the history of haircuts, which doubles as a shrine

PSA: Tom Brady Chopped His Flow Off

Probably had something to do with losing to the Bills. Losing to Buffalo must force one to introspect and reevaluate things in life. RIP Brady's

Wall Street Journal Sacks NFL Quarterback Flow

The Wall Street Journal today decided to focus on a favorite past-time of mine: flow. After rumors swirled of Randy Moss accusing Tom Brady's hair