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Can a 33-Yard Pass Be a Hail Mary?

This post is really just an excuse to see if we can lock down the true definition of a Hail Mary. I am not sure

The 14 Best Hail Mary Passes in Football History

A tribute to the best play in all of sports, written by a halfwit. 

Utah High School Football Team Wins on Improbable Hail Mary

Even atheists believe in Hail Marys. Well, when they work.

Golden Tate, Who Pushed Off to ‘Catch’ Hail Mary, Says He Didn’t Push Off

God bless Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate for not letting facts get in the way of his moment on the limelight.

Here’s the OSU Hail Mary That Gave The Wisconsin Badgers Their Second-Straight Loss On a Hail Mary

Before we get into recaps and clips from today's NFL action, let's take a look at how the Ohio State Buckeyes gave Wisconsin

VIDEO: Awesome Hail Mary Lacrosse Goal

Last night Gonzaga and Good Counsel faced off for the WCAC Championship. Check out this awesome, full-field Hail