Check Out This Simple Hack To Shoot Real Webs Like You’re Spider-Man This Halloween


If you haven't settled on a Halloween costume yet this video might inspire you to hit up Halloween parties as your friendly neighborhood web-slinger.


Emma Watson, Anna Kendrick, and Kirsten Dunst Have Pretty Fantastic Twitter Reactions to the Celebrity Nude Leaks


When the Internet exploded with the news of the the celebrity nudes leak on Sunday, many celebrities were quick to comment or sympathize with those affected.


6 Life Hacks to Save You From Life Hacks


Yeah, your life hacks are unnecessary.

vodka gummies

8 life hacks to make your alcohol drinking even better


From watered down drinks to hangovers, booze drinking is fraught with peril.

what to take to a music festival

8 hacks for going to summer music festivals


Are you heading to a music festival or other outdoor event this summer.


Guy creates door that can open with a dog’s bark


Sometimes, your dog just has to get in and out of the house and you can't have a doggy door.

Video games

Someone turned a NES into a laptop and it is awesome


Here's the best part: there's absolutely no need for blowing into the NES cartridges to get the damn thing to work.

The Library

11 kick ass hacks to simplify your life


If you're like most people, you want to unload some of the pressures of daily life and make it easier.


Security company hacks transit systems, puts out app


If you live in a major city, you probably have a subway system that uses NFC or RFID chips, essentially very weak radios, to store value on a plastic card and supposedly make life easier for everybody.


Google Wallet hacked for Verizon phones


Verizon has blocked Google Wallet from being used on its phones because it has a new payments scheme coming too.

Video games

MIT students turn one of their buildings into a giant game of ‘Tetris’


MIT students are well known for their technologically inclined stunts.

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