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Your Facebook, Gmail and Twitter Passwords Were Probably Stolen This Week

Over two million accounts on Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter had their accounts and passwords compromised by hackers this week. 

Someone Hacked Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Wall

When I was growing up, I often went outside or read a book to combat spells of boredom. But I wasn’t an internet genius like

If You Find or Steal a Debit Card, You’ve Got a 20% Chance of Guessing the Pin

Amazingly, one fifth of the population is still using 1234, 1111, or 0000 as the pin number for their debit cards. They operate with ignorance,

MLB Rumor Mill: Derek Jeter Out for Year for Sex-Change Operation, Nationals Moving Back to Montreal

What an eventful afternoon in the world of Major League Baseball. Legally, I have to inform you that none of it’s true. It

Attention: Your LinkedIn Account Was Just Hacked

It’s that time of year when millions of college students are packing up their sh*tty rooms from their on-campus dens of iniquity and hoping they