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So… Russia Just Hacked Into The White House And It Looks Like Things Are Getting Real


When someone says the words "Russia" and "hacker", the first image in my mind is that hacker from Goldeneye, Boris Grishenko.


Some Dudes Broke Into The Roof Of A Hong Kong Skyscraper And Filmed It Using Quad-Copter Drones


This is some serious spy movie isht right here, some guys in Hong Kong broke into a skyscraper, climbed up to the roof, and filmed outrageous footage using quad-copter drones.

Technology News

9 household items that could be spying on you


For Americans concerned about their privacy, the NSA data grabs are daunting, but what about the data grabs happening inside your own home, perpetrated not by the government but by your coffee machine.


Eclectic Method’s ‘Hackers’ is a supercut and remix in one


I'm not afraid to admit that Hackers is my favorite terrible 90's flick, so when this remix/supercut of hackers in movies came along, it had to be shared.

Terra Nova

Hackers discover ’50 Shades Of Grey’ casting?


Who will star in this borderline pornographic movie based on a book written by an idiot.

Jay Z

Someone Allegedly Hacked Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Personal Financial Information and Posted It Online


According to TMZ, the FBI and LAPD is currently investigating a high-profile hacking incident who compromised the personal financial information of over a dozen celebrities.

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14 of the best hackers and code crackers in history


Hackers have been in the news quite a bit lately, but how do today's hackers and code crackers compare to some of the best in history.

Video games

Hackers have done a real number on Origin


Electronic Arts’ digital distribution system Origin has been crippled by computer HAXXORs and the end result is a massive headache for anyone affected.

Video games

Ubisoft has managed to make DRM even worse


It's one thing how Ubisoft's anti-piracy measures doesn't work at all, and actually encourages it, but it's another thing when it leaves one’s system wide open for hackers.


The 10 most innovative hackers of all time


Hackers, whether they be white hat or black hat, push the envelopes of security and software design.


Hey, Want to See a Fire Tornado?


Do we even need to tell you not to try this at home.


Attention: Your LinkedIn Account Was Just Hacked


It’s that time of year when millions of college students are packing up their sh*tty rooms from their on-campus dens of iniquity and hoping they can somehow, against all odds, land a job.


Hackers actually did ruin the PlayStation Vita/Taco Bell contest after-all


When we first reported the excuse given as to why the "Unlock The Box" campaign was a bust, it seemed like total b.

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