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Planet Fitness Had A Great April Fools’ Joke And No One Noticed


Planet Fitness wasn't content to sit on the sidelines and let all the good companies hog up the April Fools' Day attention, so they created this incredible video announcing a fictional product named 'The Reclinomax'.


6 Mythical Assholes Of The Gym — And How To Defeat Them   


Late December, the gym is a fortress of solitude.

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The Only Guide To Locker Room Etiquette That You Will Ever Need

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Before letting Dom Mazzetti take it away as only Dom Mazzetti can, I'd just like to say that old men who gallivant their old, naked balls and un-trimmed pubes around the locker room should be banned from the gym.

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The 5 Real Reasons Why We Hate the Gym


Going to the gym is a lot like going to a strip club.

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Get a Load of This Fat Guy Eating Pizza While Working Out at Planet Fitness


Fat guy doing work, on both that slice and the back-extension machine.


This gym is either the manliest or the saddest fitness experience you’ll ever see


This gym in Kiev, Ukraine is a remnant from the Soviet days.

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BroBible’s Worst Places on Earth: The Gym, Right After the New Year


Do you ever get that nagging feeling on New Year’s Eve that this will be the last good night you’ll ever have before you have to strip off the kid clothes and become an adult.

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Epic Gym Advice, Bro, Plus More Facebook Follies


Obviously meant to be taken in jest, which is what makes it so freakin' funny.

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9 Ways to Embarrass Yourself at the Gym

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I’ve been doing these bootcamp classes.

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