Dude Doing Squats Struggles, That’s When Spotter Jumps In For Hilarious Thug Life Moment


One of the rules of a good spotter is that they never take away the weight from the lifter, unless they are in real trouble and need it taken away for safety reasons.


This Bodybuilder Only Has ONE Arm And He’s Still More Fit Than You, So What’s Your Excuse?


There are two types of people in life: those who are born into lucky situations and stay there, and then there are who get dealt a shit hand and then rise above their modest beginnings.

thug life gym

This Guy At The Gym Gives Zero Fucks And Goes Complete Thug Life


You know when you go to the gym and there's a mountain of a human being using the one fucking piece of equipment that you want to use.

gym fail

Dunderhead Nearly Kills Himself When He Attempts To Squat 405 Pounds


When you skip leg day too many times you really can't be jumping in and attempting to squat 405 pounds.

the rock

The Rock Just Revealed His Hardcore Post-Workout 4 A.M. Breakfast That Would Kill Most Bros


At no time in my life have I ever wanted to be as muscular as The Rock.


If You Can Relate To Any Of These 11 Moments At The Gym Then You’re Clearly A Moron Who Uses The Gym Wrong


Every now and then a video slides across my computer screen that sounds interesting, but then turns out to be a ridiculous pile of stupid.


Amazing Gym FAIL: Rolling, Rolling, Rolling–Keep This Woman Rolling–Hyeaaaaa!


We might have just seen the saddest woman in the history of the gymnasium, but I can't say that for certain.

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