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8 Things Girls Want Guys To Know About Their Apartment

Bros... Rule #1 if you want a girl to sleep over at your place: HAVE CLEAN SHEETS.

How Guys Get Ready vs. How Girls Get Ready is Obviously Extremely Accurate

Breaking: Men and women are very different.

How Guys Play Video Games vs. How Girls Play Video Games

If you're not physically steering the controller in the direction you're trying to move or drive a car in a video game then we probably

5 Reasons Why Girls Drive Their Boyfriends Mad

Sometimes girls get on guys nerves. Unless they're Amanda Peet. How could Amanda Peet get on anyone's nerves? 

A Guide to Things Girls Do That’d Be Creepy If A Guy Did Them

We live in the age of gender equality. Yet as equaly as we are, there are some things dudes can never do to girls even

11 Things Guys Take For Granted

Naked chicks?!?!?!?! Why the hell would any guy ever take for granted naked chicks?!?!?!?!?! 

16 Ways Men and Women Think Differently….

All I can say is... So f*cking true...